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American County Histories to 1900


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Kombinierte Volltext-und Imagedatenbank mit historischen Quellentexten zu den Bezirken der ursprünglichen 13 Staaten der USA (außer Virginia, mit Vermont und Maine) aus dem späten 19. Jahrhundert. Die Texte geben Einblick in die sozialen, politischen und ökonomischen Verhältnisse dieses Zeitraums.

American County Histories

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The full text searchabilty, will permit the student/researcher to instantly explore all the publications of a particular county by using a single query. In addition, those wishing to read or browse the text on a page by page basis, may do so in the original format by merely scrolling down the screen and then continuing to the next chapter. The Table of Contents is hyperlinked to each chapter as well as to each individual illustration. The user can select a particular graphic from the List of Illustrations, and proceed immediately to it by clicking on the highlighted text.
This technology will eliminate the cumbersome task of reading each volume page by page to find a specific subject. The serious scholar as well as the casual researcher will find a wealth of useful and interesting materials contained in these unique databases.

New Jersey
Most of these large volumes were published by Everts & Peck between 1870 and 1900 and have long formed the cornerstone of local historical and genealogical research. They are encyclopedic in scope and virtually limitless in their research possibilities.

These books include chapters which cover in great detail: local history, geology, geography, weather, transportation, lists of all local participants in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, government, medical and legal professions, churches and ministers, industry and manufacturing, banking and insurance, Schools and teachers, noted celebrations, fire departments and associations, cemeteries, family history, Health and vital statistics, roads and bridges, public officials and legislators, and many others.

  • Hall, John F., The Daily Union History of Atlantic City and County.
    Atlantic City. Daily Union Pr. Co., 1900. 517 pp.
  • Clayton, W.W., History of Bergen and Passaic Counties.
    Philadelphia. Everts & Peck, 1872. 577 pp.
  • Woodward, E.M., History of Burlington and Mercer Counties.
    Philadelphia. Everts & Peck, 1883. 888 pp.
  • Prowell, George R., History of Camden County.
    Philadelphia. L.J. Richards, 1886. 769 pp.
  • Stevens, L.T., History of the County of Cape May.
    Cape May. L.T. Stevens, 1897. 479 pp.
  • Shaw, William H., History of Essex and Hudson Counties.
    Philadelphia, 1884. Everts & Peck, 1884. 1332 pp.
  • Cushing, Thomas, and Charles E. Sheppard, History of the Counties of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland.
    Philadelphia, 1883. Everts & Peck. 740 pp.
  • Snell, James P., History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties.
    Philadelphia, 1881. Everts & Peck. 864 pp.
  • Ellis, Franklin, History of Monmouth County.
    Philadelphia, 1885. R.T. Peck. 902 pp.
  • Halsey, Edmund D., et al. History of Morris County.
    New York, 1882. W.W. Munsell. 407 pp.
  • Salter, Edwin, A History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
    Bayonne, 1890. E. Gardner. 442 pp.
  • Snell, James P., History of Sussex and Warren Counties.
    Philadelphia, 1881. Everts & Peck. 748 pp.
  • Clayton, W. Woodford, History of Union and Middlesex Counties.
    Philadelphia, 1882. Everts & Peck. 885 pp.

Pennsylvania (Part I: Eastern Counties)
Part I of Pennsylvania is now available on-line, and will contains, over 12,000 pages of text and plates, from all 15 counties in the Eastern portion of Pennsylvania.

  • Bean, Theodore W., History of Montgomery County.
    Philadelphia. Everts & Peck, 1884 1,197 pp.
  • Ashmead, Henry G., History of Delaware County.
    Philadelphia. L.H. Everts, 1884. 767 pp.
  • Futhey, J. Smith & Gilbert Cope, History of Chester County.
    Philadelphia. L.H. Everts , 1881. 782 pp.
  • Battle, J. H., History of Bucks County.
    Philadelphia. A. Warner, 1887. 1,176 pp.
  • Montgomery, Morton L., History of Berks County in Pennsylvania.
    Philadelphia. Everts, Peck & Richards, 1886. 1,204 pp.
  • Scharf, Thomas J., & Thompson Westcott, History of Philadelphia. 1609-1884.
    Philadelphia. L.H. Everts & Co., 1884. 3 vol. 2,361 pp
  • Mathews, Alfred & Hungerford A., ., History of the Counties of Lehigh & Carbon.
    Philadelphia, 1884. Everts & Richards, 1884. 802 pp.
  • Capt., Franklin, Ellis, History of the Northampton County.
    Philadelphia, 1877. P. Fritts. 293 pp.
  • Alfred, Mathews, History of Wayne, Pike and Monroe Counties.
    Philadelphia, 1886. R.T. Peck. 1,283 pp.
  • History of Luzerne, Lackawanna & Wyoming Counties. New York, 1880. W.W. Munsell. 540 pp.

Pennsylvania (Part II: Central Counties)

This part contains over 12,000 pages of complete full-searchable text and images from the Central part of the state (19 counties including Lancaster, York, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry, Juniata, Mifflin, Snyder, Northumberland, Schuylkill, Union, Montour, Columbia, Lycoming, Sullivan, Bradford and Susquehanna).

  • Battle, J.H., History of Columbia and Montour Counties.
    Chicago: A. Warner, 1887. 894 pp.
  • Bell, Herbert C., History of Northumberland County.
    Chicago: Brown, Runk, 1891. 1,256 pp.
  • Bradsby, H.C., History of Bradford County.
    Chicago: S.B. Nelson, 1891. 1,320 pp.
  • Egle, William H., History of the Counties of Dauphin and Lebanon.
    Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1883. 976 pp.
  • Ellis, Franklin & Samuel Evans, History of Lancaster County.
    Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1883. 1101 pp.
  • Ellis, F. & A.N. Hungerford, History That Part of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys Embraced in the Counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder. 2 vols.
    Philadelphia: Everts, Peck & Richards, 1886.
  • Gibson, John, History of York County.
    Chicago: F.A. Battey, 1886. 979 pp.
  • History of Schuylkill County. New York: W.W. Munsell, 1881. 465 pp.
  • History of Cumberland and Adams Counties. Chicago: Warner, Beers, 1886. 1,236
  • Ingham, Thomas J., History of Sullivan County.
    Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1899.
  • Meginness, John F., History of Lycoming County.
    Chicago: Brown, 1892. 1,267 pp.
  • Stocker, Rhamanthus M., Centennial History of Susquehanna County.
    Philadelphia: R.T. Peck, 1887. 851 pp.

Pennsylvania (Part III: Southwest Counties)

  • Bates, Samuel P., History of Greene County. Chicago: Nelson, Rishforth, 1888. 898 pp.
  • Crumrine, Boyd, History of Washington County. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1882. 1002 pp.
  • Cushing, Thomas, History of Allegheny County, 2 vols., Chicago: A. Warner, 1888. 908 pp.
  • Richard, J.F., History of Beaver County, Philadelphia: A. Warner, 1888. 908 pp.
  • Brown, Robert C., History of Butler County, 2 vols., Chicago: Brown, 1895. 1360 pp.
  • Smith, Robert W., History of Armstrong County., Chicago: Waterman-Watkins, 1883. 624 pp.
  • Albert, George D., History of the County of Westmoreland, Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1882. 727 pp.
  • Ellis, Franklin, History of Fayette County, Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1882. 841 pp.
  • History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties., Chicago: Waterman-Watkins, 1884. 672 pp.
  • Adams, Captain C.T. & E. White., History of Indiana County. Newark, Ohio: Caldwell, 1880. 540 pp.
  • Storey, Henry W., History of Cambria County. New York: Lewis Pub. Co.: 1907. 3 vols. 1884 pp.
  • Africa, J. Simpson, History of Huntingdon & Blair Counties. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1883. 761 pp.
  • Bates, Samuel P., History of Franklin County. Chicago: Warner, Beers, 1887. 968 pp.

Pennsylvania (Part III: Northwest Counties)

  • History of Mercer County, Its Past and Present. Chicago: Brown, Funk, 1888. 1210 pp.
  • Brown, Robert C., History of Crawford County. Chicago: Warner, Beers, 1885. 1186 pp.
  • Whitman, Benjamin, & N.W. Russell, History of Erie County. Chicago: Warner, Beers, 1884. 1245 pp.
  • Bell, Herbert C., History of Venango County. Chicago: Brown, Runk, 1890. 1164 pp.
  • Davis, A.J., History of Clarion County. Syracuse, New York: D. Mason, 1887. 664 pp.
  • Schenck, J.S. & W.S. Rann, History of Warren County. Syracuse, New York: D. Mason, 1887. 780 pp.
  • McKnight, William J., Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Embracing the Counties of Tioga, Potter, McKean, Warren, Crawford, Venango, Forrest, Clarion. Elk, Jefferson, Cameron, Butler, Lawrence and Mercer. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1904. 748 pp.
  • Scott, Kate M., History of Jefferson County. Syracuse, New York: D. Mason, 1888. 753 pp.
  • Aldrich, Lewis C., History of Clearfield County. Syracuse, New York: D. Mason, 1887. 731 pp.
  • Leeson, Michael A., History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter. Chicago: J.H. Beers & Company, 1890. 1261 pp.
  • Linn, John B., History of Centre & Clinton Counties. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1883. 672 pp.
  • Meginness, John F., History of Tioga County. Chicago: R.C. Brown, 1897. 1186 pp.

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