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Consulta 2.0


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The expanding number of Spanish speakers using public, school and academic libraries, coupled with the emergence of Spanish as the fastest-growing second language in the United States, demands appropriate, quality reference information. Until recently, only a handful of American publishers met this demand. Now English-speaking librarians can serve the needs of their Spanish-speaking customers with unprecedented ease.

Reaffirming its commitment to providing excellent resources to Spanish-speaking library patrons, Gale Cengage has partnered with the premiere Spanish-language reference publisher, Grupo Océano, to offer high-quality reference works for students, professionals and general readers on crucial subjects such as careers, health, history and literature. Océano titles are exclusively distributed by Gale Cengage, and a selection of Gale Cengage titles have been translated into and published in Spanish.

This collaboration has brought on a new kind of Internet resource: Consulta. Relying on both Océano content and translated Gale Cengage content, this new online resource serves the ever-increasing Spanishspeaking and bilingual library patrons.


To meet the demands of both Spanish and English-speaking researchers, the newly revised Consulta 2.0 has incorporated several key enhancements - including an interface that can be easily switched between English and Spanish. Consulta 2.0 maintains the scope and functionality users have come to expect from popular Gale Cengage Resource Centers such as Student Resource Center, providing Basic, Advanced, Subject, and Biography (name) search paths. In addition, Consulta 2.0 includes a graphical Timeline that lets users access a historical chronology - more than 10,000 records - covering prehistoric times to the present, as well as a Map Center, Anatomical Atlas and Literature Library. Consulta 2.0 gathers reference material, primary sources and journal articles in one easy-to-navigate Web-based product for students and general researchers. Complementing this

generous selection of materials - many of which have never before been available in the U.S. - Consulta 2.0 also includes more than 6,200 full-color photographs, maps and artwork.

Authoritative Consulta 2.0 references include:

  • The content of Gale Cengage print translations Medicinas Alternativas (The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine) and Enciclopedia de Ciencia y Tecnología (UXL Encyclopedia of Science)
  • The content of more than 100 Océano print references
  • Full set of Enciclopedias de las Naciones Latinoamericanas (Encyclopedias of Latin American Nations)
  • Historia Universal (World History)
  • Geografiá Universal (World Geography)
  • Manual Merck de Información Medica para el Hogar (Merck Home Medical Information Manual)
  • Grandes Personajes (Great Figures)
  • Gran Enciclopedia Interactiva Océano (Océano Great Interactive Encyclopedia)
  • Las Razas Humans (The Human Races)
  • Subject-specific encyclopedias on: arts, biography, business, careers and education, geography, health, history, languages, mathematics, sciences and computing and multicultural studies
  • Several bilingual Spanish dictionaries, including English-Spanish and Spanish-English; French-Spanish and Spanish-French; Spanish synonyms and antonyms
  • Anatomical Atlas and Map Center
  • Spanish-language journals from around the world, including:
    • Americas (Spanish Edition)
    • Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea
    • Boletín de Antropología Americana
    • Clarín
    • Folklore Americano
    • Hispamérica
    • National Geographic en Español
    • Personal Computing (México)
    • Proceso
    • Quimera
    • Siempre!
    • Vuelta
  • Essential primary-source documents include:
    • Literature Library with canonical works in world literature ranging from Plato and Dante to Shakespeare and Cervantes
    • Foundational documents in the history of the Spanish-speaking world: histories of the exploration and colonization of the Americas, constitutions from Latin American countries, chronicles of encounters between Iberians and Native Americans and more


As a Web-based application, Consulta 2.0 is available for classroom study and library work stations, and accessible to remote users as well - in Spanish, and now an English interface. With daily updates, award-winning reference content, full-text periodical articles, powerful links to the Web and much more, Consulta 2.0 is one of the most comprehensive databases of its kind. It offers a wealth of information while remaining user friendly, as search results are organized by document type, unlike the generic hit lists generated by typical Web searches. The various search paths also allow students and general researchers to narrow or broaden searches as needed, enabling more precise results.

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