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Studies in Irish Literature


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This peerless collection includes profiles of more than 1,300 novelists, playwrights, humorists, politicians, publishers, and arts organizations. This collection offers analysis of major works and themes along with discussions of historical context and the relationship between the artist and his/her contemporaries. More than 50,000 bibliographic entries of published works and criticism enhance this valuable collection.

Studies in Irish Literature brings together three essential reference works in one integrated database:

  • Dictionary of Irish Literature, Robert Hogan, Editor-in-Chief
  • Modern Irish Writers: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook, Alexander G. Gonzalez, editor
  • Irish Playwrights, 1880-1995, Bernice Schrank and William W. Demastes, editors

This resource offers:

  • Comprehensive review. The scope and breadth of these three resources is unparalleled in scholarly works about Irish literature.
  • Simplified research. Search features and one location for these peerless resources simplify research, letting researchers and students spend more time on actual learning and research, and less on locating appropriate research sources.
  • Authoritative scholarship. Editors and contributors are all highly credentialed scholars in the study of Irish literature, with impressive publishing credits for books, plays, and articles.

Search features:

  • Browse the publication or use the alphabetical index to jump to any entry.
  • Published with Folio Views, search the entire text of all three titles with natural or Boolean language.
  • Narrow your search by topic.
  • Select links within entries for cross referencing.

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