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Volltextausgabe von "Keesing's Record of World Events/Keesing's Contemporary Archives" mit über 175.000 Berichten über die wesentlichen politischen, diplomatischen und ökonomischen Ereignisse sowie über Personen und Institutionen des Weltgeschehens von 1960 bis heute. Ausgewertet werden die Meldungen namhafter internationaler Zeitungen und Nachrichtenagenturen. Alle Zusammenhänge, auch solche die sich über Tage oder Wochen entwickeln, werden von Bearbeitern aus über 90 Ländern in knappen aber detaillierten Berichten zusammengefasst. Updates: monatlich.

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Keesing's Worldwide

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"Keesing's Online" is the newest member of the Keesing's family of information products. Libraries and their patrons use "Keesing's Online" as a core information resource for their social science research and fact checking needs. Disciplines that will benefit from using this unique online resource include:
- African Studies
- Asian Studies
- Aerospace History
- Comparative Politics
- Cultural History
- Foreign Policy
- Economic History
- Economics
- Government and Politics
- Historical Sociology
- International Business
- International Economics
- International Politics
- International Relations
- Journalism (Mass Media)
- Latin American Studies
- Leadership Studies
- Middle Eastern Studies
- Military History
- Military Science
- Modern European Studies
- Peace and Conflict Studies
- Political History
- Political Science
- Public Administration
- Public Policy
- World History

"Keesing's Online" gives you 20 years more complete full-text reporting than any other current affairs service.
Each story is exactly as it appeared in "Keesing's Record of World Events" up to 42 years ago. Only Keesing's lets you read stories about such events as the assassinations of both Kennedys and Indira Gandhi. Or you may track matters from their beginnings through the present: the construction and destruction of the Berlin Wall or the career of Nelson Mandela from his imprisonment to his presidency.

Access over 175,000 and original documents spanning over 4 decades on every country and international organization.
Follow the month-by-month progress of the emerging sub-Saharan countries from when they gained independence in the early 1960s through today. Look at Keesing's contemporaneous reports of the Bangladeshi declaration of independence from Pakistan in 1971. Or review month-by-month reports concerning the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the Ayatollah Khomeini in the late 1970s. In addition, you can survey a vast panoply of actions taken by every non-government organization (NGO): from trade agreements and financial aid for third world nations to peacekeeping initiatives and medical assistance programs.

Comprehensive stories covering such fields as nuclear energy and weapons, environment, and space.
"Keesing's Online" provides users with access to 40 years of research on such topics as health and epidemics, nuclear plant accidents, aerospace accomplishments and disasters, drugs and their control, war crimes, environmental issues, and more.

Students and faculty will be grateful for the detailed, easy-to-access online data.
"Keesing's Online" with its straightforward searching is a boon for students preparing papers. Look up by subject, country, international organization, person, event, name, date, individually or in any combination, to pinpoint applicable details quickly. Instructors and professors can quickly check facts, corroborate findings, and augment information.

Researchers, professors and historians will welcome the services depth of worldwide event intelligence and use "Keesing's Online" as a pathfinder toward further information.
Publish or perish? For academicians, "Keesing's Online" is a valuable tool for examining contemporary politics, the evolution of new nations and their governments, international economics and world trade, as well as international conflicts, Islamic fundamentalism, and human rights. Used as a pathfinder or trailblazer, Keesing's can point the researcher in helpful directions toward further studies.

Political analysts, journalists and authors can quickly check historical, political, economic and social facts from 1960 to the present.
Fill in the background. Look up the origins of conflicts originating more than 40 years ago. Follow the political fortunes of government leaders. Scrutinize patterns of worldwide government elections, appointments and changes. Review the ongoing effectiveness of UN-related organizations. Keesing's Online is a core research tool for anyone requiring quick access to past and current political, economic and social information.

Look no further than Keesing's Online for the most complete coverage of every major worldwide event, country by country. A sample of events reported in "Keesing's Online":

  • Aviation and Space Exploration
  • Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Weapons
  • Border Disputes
  • Budgets and Major Economic Developments
  • Capital Punishment
  • Elections, Appointments and Resignations
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Espionage and Corruption
  • Foreign Relations and Foreign Aid
  • Human Rights
  • Major Legal Cases and War Crime Trials
  • Narcotics and The War On Drugs
  • Natural Disasters and the Environment
  • Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution
  • Political and Military Conflict
  • Racial Issues
  • Refugees, Immigration and Asylum
  • Religious Affairs
  • Revolutions and Coups
  • United Nations Resolutions

"Keesing's Online" is a powerhouse of online information with over 175,000 full-text reports. The service offers a wide range of search and retrieval capabilities including:

  • Multiple Search Functions - users can conduct a quick search, advanced Boolean search or search by specific criteria such as keyword, nation, international organization, timeframe, person, event, and subject.
  • Flexible Search Results - users can review results by relevance or in chronological or reverse chronological order.
  • Event/Trend Synching - upon receiving search results, users can expand their search to review other worldwide events that occurred during the same time frame.
  • Download Capabilities - beyond online viewing, users can save to disk, print or email search results.
  • Site License - "Keesing's Online" is offered as a site license subscription allowing for unlimited users and unlimited access.

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