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Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports & Index to FBIS Daily Reports (1975-1996)


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The "Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports" consist of translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, periodicals and government statements from nations around the globe. These media sources were monitored in their original language, translated into English, and issued by an agency of the U.S. Government. The "Daily Reports" represent a unique resource for the study of foreign affairs, business, law, sociology, political science and more, covering all regions of the world. Countries were assigned to one of eight FBIS reporting regions that were known at various times as:
- Asia & Pacific
- Central Eurasia
- China
- East Asia
- East Europe
- Eastern Europe
- Latin America
- Middle East & Africa
- Near East & South Africa
- South Asia
- Soviet Union
- Sub-Saharan Africa
- West Europe
- Western Europe

From 1992 to 1994, the "Central Eurasia Report" complemented the "Central Eurasia Daily Report" with additional coverage of social, political, and economic issues during that period of change in the former Soviet Union.

The FBIS Daily Reports
The "FBIS Daily Reports" are available from NewsBank/Readex on microfiche. Reports can be selected by region and/or year to help fill gaps in an existing collection. The "Central Eurasia Reports (1992-1996)" are also available on microfiche.

Index to the FBIS Daily Reports (1975-1996)
The "Index to the FBIS Daily Reports", now available via the Internet, is the key to effective use of the "Daily Reports". The Index includes coverage of China (beginning with 1975), the Soviet Union (beginning with 1977), and the other regions beginning with the 1978/79 period. The index was continued through final publication of the "Daily Reports" on paper, with actual dates varying by region during 1996. Indexing for all areas is merged together - along with indexing for the "Central Eurasia Report" - giving researchers ready access to diverse information. For example, one can discover how an event is being reported, not only in the country where it occurred, but also in every other country that found reason to report on the situation.

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