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United Nations Documents


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United Nations Documents

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Established in 1945 by 51 countries, the stated purpose of the United Nations is to preserve peace through international cooperation. Today, the United Nations, worldwide in scope, consists of 191 member-nations. For researching international issues, United Nations documents and publications are often essential. While knowledgeable scholars expect comprehensive coverage, methods of acquiring and accessing current and retrospective UN documentation may be difficult. Readex has created solutions tailored to meet the needs of diverse researchers - from undergraduates to doctoral students to Model UN participants.

Three collections of essential UN documentation

Readex's collections of United Nations Documents and supporting databases are available from the founding of the United Nations to the present time. These collections are ideal for researching international issues - from world hunger to world peace - and for gaining an understanding of international relations as they exist today given the events, issues and trends chronicled in retrospective portions of the collections. Readex provides United Nations Documents on durable, space-saving microfiche in three versions:

Comprehensive Collection - contains virtually every document, including "Limited" and "Restricted" documents, from the main UN bodies: the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Secretariat, Trusteeship Council and International Court of Justice.

Law Library Collection - features official records and working documents from five of the six principal organs (Secretariat publications are not included). Also included are documents from ad hoc and expert committees such as the International Law Commission and the UN Commission on International Trade Law.

The Abridged Collection - designed for smaller libraries, it includes mastheads and official records from the General Assembly (regular, special and emergency sessions), the Security Council, Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council and the International Court of Justice..

A valuable index to UN documents and publications

Use of all collections is enhanced by the availability of effective retrieval tools. Regardless of the source of the documents, the index to United Nations Documents and other publications from Readex is a valuable resource. It is available both on CD-ROM and online. The online version of the index, titled AccessUN, contains not only all citations included on the CD-ROM version, but also links to full-text documents residing at United Nations Websites. There are versions available of both CD-ROM and online indexes that cover current documents or historical collections.

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