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Online-Rechercheportal für Wissen, Lernen und Bildung in englischer Sprache mit Zugang zu über 90.000 redaktionell geprüften Artikeln aus allen Wissensgebieten von 4.300 Autoren, darunter zahlreiche namhafte Wissenschaftler und Nobelpreisträger.
Der Textbestand der umfangreichsten englischsprachigen Enzyklopädie wird ergänzt durch einen Weltatlas, zahlreiche interaktive Zeitleisten, 44.000 Abbildungen und Karten, 2.500 Audio- und Videoclips sowie Animationen, einem täglichem Newsticker mit Meldungen aus "The New York Times", "BBC News" und "SBS World News", über 114.000 redaktionell geprüften Links zu themenverwandten Websites sowie Volltext-Links zu über 800.000 Artikeln aus rund 700 Zeitschriften und Magazinen.
Ferner enthalten sind "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary", "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus" sowie "World Data Analyst Online", eine Sammlung von aktuellen und historischen statistischen Daten sowie Basisinformationen zu über 200 Ländern weltweit. Updates: täglich.

Optional kann der Online-Sercive durch verschiedene Add-On-Komponenten erweitert werden, darunter u.a. Merriam Webster Unabridged Online, das maßgebliche Wörterbuch des amerikanischen Englisch mit rund 260.000 Stichwörtern und über 472.000 Bedeutungsangaben sowie Britannica Image Quest Online, eine Bilddatenbank mit über 3 Millionen lizenzfreien Bilder, Grafiken und Illustrationen zu allen Themengebieten aus über 50 namhaften Quellen, darunter u.a. Getty Images, National Geographic Society und Natural History Museum.

Britannica Academic

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Encyclopaedia Britannica

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- Britannica Image Quest Online

- Merriam Webster Unabridged Online

Siehe auch: Britannica Library

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The exceptional depth of coverage, combined with the power and breadth of the Internet, makes the search for information using the award-winning Britannica Academic easier and more exciting. The new user-friendly interface provides more organized and richer results. Additional features including news headlines, safe web sites, engaging multimedia, and custom workspace make Britannica Academic the comprehensive resource your users need:

- Encyclopædia Britannica®

- Access to World Data Analyst Online

- Gateway to the Classics

- The New York Times, BBC News, and SBS World News headlines from around the world

- Workspace, a research organizer

- Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Quotations

- Britannica Internet Guide

- Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

- Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus

- Easy-to-view Videos, Audio, and Multimedia

- World Atlas

- Timelines

- Spotlights

Britannica Academic is written by scholars, edited by professionals. Accurate, unbiased, comprehensive, relevant, international in scope, and engaging for further & higher education students, and faculty. Britannica's unique content makes research easier and more productive, encouraging wider reading and in depth subject research.

Updated daily and containing over 90,000 professionally edited and researched articles; the Academic edition also includes over 800,000 full text journal articles and tens of thousands of Ebooks, historical papers and documents, all tagged to articles and searchable. Our World Data Analyst is also included within the Academic edition - this enables the user to quickly compare, and export data from global census information containing a vast range of demographical indicators.


Improved interface for easier navigation: Articles now include an interactive Table of Contents, page numbers, and section headings to help orient users within each article.

Over 90,000 articles from the Encyclopædia Britannica containing over 45 million words

Magazines and News Headlines: Get headlines from The New York Times, the BBC, the SBS Australian News Service, and more than 800,000 full-text articles from more than 700 magazines and periodicals provided by EBSCO.

Gateway to the Classics: An introduction to significant works of history, literature, philosophy, and science.

Web Links: Access over 114,700 web links selected by the editorial team to promote further research - the power of Google driven by the integrity of Britannica.

Vivid graphics and multimedia: Over 44,000 images and maps, plus 2,500 animations, videos, and audio files engage users and bring articles to life.

Extensive World Atlas: Search thousands of maps, flags, articles, and statistics. Compare economic, demographic, and health measures for over 200 countries.

E-books and primary sources - tens of thousands of EBook's as well as historical papers and documents are tagged to articles

A double-click dictionary and thesaurus with over 550,000 entries including audio pronunciation guides

A personalised "Workspace" feature which allows lecturers and students to personalise, save and retrieve content for personal research, collaboration and sharing.

Save time with automatic citations: MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago Manual of Style.

Over 4,000 quotes that can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject and author

220 full-text works by 140 of the western world's most influential and best known authors

Over 24,000 biographies on the most influential figures throughout history

An upgraded world atlas which combines Google functionality with Britannica scholarship

Updated daily with over 15,000 new & revised articles added in 2014 alone.

Free monthly online training sessions

Discovery tools

Britannica Academic integrates into Meta & federated search as well as Open Search API. It is also Open URL compliant and compatible with systems such as Moodle or SharePoint.

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