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Lugt's Répertoire online


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Bibliographische Datenbank mit rund 100.000 Nachweisen von 1600 bis 1925 erschienenen Kunstauktionskatalogen aus den Beständen europäischer und nordamerikanischer Bibliotheken. Die Datenbank umfasst derzeit Band 1 (1600-1825), Band 2 (1826-1860) und Band 3 (1861-1900) des "Répertoire des Catalogues de Ventes Publiques intéressant l'Art ou la Curiosité" von Frits Lugt. Die Titelaufnahmen beinhalten Lugt-Nummer, ESTC-Nummer, Verkaufsdatum und -ort, Provenienz, Inhalt, Katalogumfang, Auktionshaus, Bibliothek, in der der Katalog nachgewiesen wurde sowie Microfiche-Nummer. Einzelne Kataloge können als Mikrofiche-Ausgabe "on demand" bestellt werden.

Lugt's Répertoire online

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Brill Academic Publishers

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Frits Lugt's Répertoire is one of the most widely consulted art historical reference works and lists more than 100,000 art sales catalogues of the period 1600 to 1925 from libraries in Europe and the USA.

The impressive four-volume work Répertoire des catalogues de ventes publiques intéressant l'art ou la curiosité ("Repertory of Catalogues of Public Sale concerned with Art or Objets d'art") by Frits Lugt (1884-1970) contains bibliographic descriptions of auction catalogues. The catalogues are arranged in strict chronological order and provide meticulous details of auctions, as well as recording annotations written in the catalogues. Lugt also indicates the library where the catalogue may be consulted.

This online edition of Lugt's Répertoire covering the period 1600-1900, increases the value of the rare original work as it provides a multitude of search options. Many recently discovered catalogues have been added and corrections to the original work have been made. The database can be consulted both in French and in English.

The online edition of Lugt's work for the period 1600-1900 is a separate database but at the same time the "entrance gate" to Brill's publication Arts Sales Catalogues Online (ASCO).

Features and Benefits

  • Covers Volumes 1-3 (1600-1900)
  • Almost 60.000 records
  • With reference to the microfiches in "Art Sales Catalogues on microfiche". Includes the possibility to order single art sales catalogues on microfiche via the website.
  • Many search options, a.o.: Lugt number, Date of Sales, Place of Sales, Provenance, Auction House, Content, Copies
  • Includes a libraries database which facilitates a search of libraries with holdings of art sales catalogues
  • Regularly updated with records of catalogues not described in Lugt's Répertoire


10.000 new records for the period 1600-1900 will be added to Lugt Online in 4 years starting in February 2013. In his Répertoire vols 1-3 (1600-1900), Frits Lugt described almost 60.000 auction catalogues. Jaap Harskamp, former curator at the British Library, discovered in the British Library more than 10.000 catalogues from this period not listed in Lugt's Répertoire. For Brill's online edition of Lugt's Répertoire Jaap Harskamp will create records for all these catalogues. Brill will add these records to Lugt's Répertoire Online in batches spread over 4 years. The first batch was added to Lugt Online in February 2013.

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