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Faktendatenbank für ökonomische Indikatoren und Prognosen mit 280 makroökonomischen Zeitreihen für 150 Länder sowie 40 regionalen Aggregatdaten beginnend mit 1980 und mit einer Vorausschätzung von 5 Jahren. Die abgefragten Daten können auch graphisch bearbeitet und ausgegeben werden. Als Zugabe bietet die Datenbank kurze Länderberichte unter der Rubrik "Country Outlook". Updates: monatlich.

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Economist Intelligence Unit

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Whether you want to monitor global macroeconomic trends or download the latest forecasts for a country, there is no better source than CountryData. Covering 150 countries and 40 regions, CountryData is the most reliable and comprehensive source of economic indicators and forecasts available.

CountryData delivers more than 280 economic series for each country over a million individual data points from 1980 to 2009. In addition, CountryData contains concise summaries of the Economist Intelligence Unit's short-term political and economic forecasts on 181 countries. Users are guaranteed global coverage and the complete story on a country's economic health and prospects.

What can you do with CountryData?

All the functionality you need is built into CountryData, so you can manipulate the data on your PC quickly and easily:

  • Look at one country across a range of variables, including market size, inflation rates, debt levels, private consumption and interest rates.
  • Compare economic criteria across as many countries as you like and chart the results.
  • Compare regional aggregates to determine the performance of a region as a whole or use them as a benchmark.
  • Assess detailed sourcing information and series definitions.

Where does CountryData get its data and forecasts?

The Economist Intelligence Unit devotes considerable resources to data collection, analysis and forecasting. We have more than 100 full-time analysts and economists based in our offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Vienna and other locations worldwide. To support this team, we maintain a global network of more than 650 analysts.

We collect historic economic data from hundreds of national and international sources. Our economists check all of the data to ensure accuracy and consistency, and they fully source and annotate every series so you can tell exactly where it came from.

CountryData puts the data in context

Do you want to know why we are forecasting a downturn in a particular economy next year? Or why a currency is set to appreciate? CountryData puts the data in context with Country Outlooks, concise snapshots of each country's political and economic prospects. Country Outlooks are available on the 150 countries in the database and on an additional 31 countries, giving you a full global perspective.

Predict commodity price trends five years ahead

CountryData includes regularly updated data and forecasts of 40 commodities, which is essential information for any business with exposure to international commodity markets. Price forecasts for the next five years are available, together with forecasts of factors influencing prices including production, consumption and stock levels. Individual commodity prices are used to calculate the Economist Intelligence Unit commodity price index to provide a snapshot of global trends in commodity prices.

How often is CountryData updated?

Our analysts update their forecasts on the 150 countries in the database every month. CountryData also delivers three frequencies of data - annual, quarterly and monthly - to suit the needs of all our customers. To make it easy for you to distinguish between actual figures and our estimates and forecasts, CountryData presents these data types in different colours.

Delivery options

We offer several flexible delivery options:

- Subscriptions to the full database complete with online charting and analytics.

- Subscriptions by region

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