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EIU Country Forecasts


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Economist Intelligence Unit


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Country Forecasts present and explain the Economist Intelligence Unit's five-year macroeconomic projections for 82 of the world's largest economies. They also provide an in-depth medium-term political and policy outlook, as well as forward-looking assessments of the business environment.

A key feature of the service is a business rankings model, which measures and ranks 82 countries on the quality of their overall business environment. This enables you to make comparisons across countries and over time.

Country Forecasts also provide extra help in your business planning. Each annual main report includes a section on market opportunities, as well as a long-term growth outlook that projects the size of the country's market in 25 years time.


  • Forecast overview - key features of a country's medium-term economic and political prospects with business environment rankings. Business environment at a glance: main trends in business conditions over the forecast period.
  • Country fact sheet - summary of a country's economic and political structure, and of key data.
  • Political forecast - forward-looking analysis of key political trends. Includes political stability, political effectiveness, election watch and international relations.
  • Policy and business environment - evaluation of the operating climate in terms of policy towards private enterprise and foreign investment, foreign-exchange and trade regimes, tax system, infrastructure, financial sector and labour market issues. This section includes the overall and individual category business environment rankings.
  • Economic forecast - GDP growth and its components; wage and price inflation; financial markets; foreign trade and payments; external debt; market opportunities; and a ten-year growth outlook.
  • Data summary - tabulation of all macroeconomic forecast series in the report with supporting historical data.

Global outlook

Global outlook contains in-depth macroeconomic forecasts for the world economy over the next five years. Monthly updating is also available via Internet subscriptions. Covering fiscal and monetary policies, exchange rates, commodity prices and world trade, Global outlook provides a complete analysis of the complex global trends that can influence a business in the medium term.

Regional overviews

Regional overviews are separate quarterly overviews that discuss emerging regional trends. Their forward-looking analysis of business, economic and political conditions on a regional level complement the in-depth country analysis of the other Country Forecasts. Regional overviews cover Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Monthly (Internet subscriptions only)/quarterly (available for both print and Internet subscriptions)

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