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EIU Country ViewsWire


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A daily service offering concise, comprehensive and timely coverage of political, economic and business analysis by country. Offers all the background, forecasts and news analysis you need to make the right decisions about operations in 60 markets.

EIU Industry Forecasts

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Economist Intelligence Unit

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Every day the global economy is transformed by world events. So timely business intelligence is more important than ever. Country ViewsWire gives country-specific analysis that provides comprehensive and timely decision support for doing business in fast-changing world markets. It is the only online service that highlights important economic, political and market developments around the world on a daily basis, providing concise analytical briefings on their implications for your business.

An essential tool for planning and executing international strategies, Country ViewsWire is an incomparable service that offers analysis and views on a variety of issues -- from regulatory conditions to political and economic trends -- for the countries you select around the world. We provide forecasts and risk assessments; a full range of financial and economic indicators; and comprehensive coverage of tax, investment and trade regulations. Country ViewsWire is delivered via ViewsWire -- our premier global daily analysis service covering 195 countries. Like ViewsWire, this new service provides menu-driven access to all of our coverage. You'll get the same information offered on ViewsWire, but the coverage is country specific. You can choose any combination of countries and you can add countries at any time.

Get all the same benefits of ViewsWire. Use Country ViewsWire to:

  • Minimise risk wherever you do business, with daily, practical insight into critical global developments.
  • Access the Economist Intelligence Unit's latest market data, risk assessments and economic forecasts, all updated in response to important world events.
  • Find information by topic -- politics, economy, business, finance, regulations -- and by industry. An easy-to-use menu-driven interface lets you quickly locate the exact information you need. And an integrated search engine allows you to search within your subscription.
  • Track your issues of interest. Create a personalised intelligence briefing service with "my alerts" -- e-mails notifying you of new articles or briefings relating to your profile. Simply choose the industries and topics you need to track.

Comprehensive coverage for 60 countries
For every major and emerging market, you'll find the following coverage in Country ViewsWire:

  • Politics
    News analysis
    Political structure; and

  • Economy
    News analysis
    Economic structure
    Latest indicators
    Five-year forecast table
    Five-year forecast summary; and
    Country risk rating

  • Finance
    News analysis
    Currency consensus forecast
    Interest rate consensus forecast; and
    Equities consensus forecast

  • Business
    News analysis
    e-business readiness ranking
    Business environment ranking
    Corporate strategy; and
    Industry overview

  • Regulations
    Trade regulations
    Foreign exchange regulations
    Tax regulations; and
    e-business regulations

Industry coverage
The EIU is highly respected for the breadth and depth of its economic and political coverage. Country ViewsWire goes further, presenting analysis of a wide range of industries, from telecoms and the Internet to transport and logistics. Industries covered include:
- Agriculture and food production;
- Automotive;
- Computers and telecoms;
- Consumer goods;
- Financial services;
- Heavy industry;
- Internet;
- Media and entertainment;
- Mining (excluding oil and gas);
- Oil, gas and other chemicals;
- Pharmaceuticals & bio-tech;
- Professional services;
- Retail and wholesale;
- Tourism;
- Transport and logistics; and
- Utilities (excluding oil and gas)

Downloadable data
If you are looking for numbers, just download complete tables in Excel® spreadsheet format directly into your own documents.

How we produce Country ViewsWire
You can rely on the Country ViewsWire because the analysis comes from the same team that produces all the Economist Intelligence Unit's country analysis. We maintain a global network of 500 analysts, based in more than 100 countries, who monitor world events and prepare analytical briefings on their implications for business. They also draw on the Economist Intelligence Unit's continuously updated database of country, industry and best-practice information.

The Country ViewsWire offers you analysis, data and commentary drawn from the full resources of The Economist Group, including The Economist, The Journal of Commerce and CFO magazine. We have also established strategic alliances with other reputable intelligence-gathering organisations, including the Financial Times, The World Bank and the OECD.

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