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Hrsg. v. American Association of Law Libraries


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LegalTrac umfasst bibliographische Nachweise und Volltexte aus etwa 875 maßgeblichen juristischen Veröffentlichungen, wie internationale Zeitschriften, juristische Zeitungen sowie Publikationen der Anwaltskammern. Der Schwerpunkt der Datenbank liegt auf amerikanischem Recht, jedoch sind auch umfassende Publikationen zu internationalem und europäischem Recht enthalten. Darüber hinaus enthält die Datenbank einschlägige Artikel aus rund 1.000 Wirtschafts- und Publikumszeitschriften. Berichtszeitraum: 1980 ff. Updates: täglich.

Suche :: Retrieval
Suchkriterien: KEYWORD SEARCH: Stichwortsuche im Aufsatztitel, Abstract oder Volltext der Artikel; SUBJECT GUIDE SEARCH: Detaillierte sachliche Recherche nach Schlagworten; RELEVANCE SEARCH: Der Suchbegriff und verwandte Begriffe werden gesucht und das Ergebnis nach Relevanz angezeigt; ADVANCED SEARCH: Recherche über alle möglichen Suchfelder der Datenbank z.B. Stichwort, Autor, Titel, Zeitschrift, Datum oder Schlagwort; weitere Merkmale: Umfassende Verknüpfungsmöglichkeiten der Suche, Einschränkungsmöglichkeiten nach bestimmten Kriterien, InfoMarks, individuelle Anpassung der Rechercheoberfläche.


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Gale Cengage

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Students, law school faculty, legal researchers - they'll all find the legal publications they need in LegalTrac. Drawing on a wide variety of the most highly regarded legal publications, LegalTrac provides indexing for approximately 875 titles: major law reviews, legal newspapers, law specialty publications, bar association journals and international legal journals. Each title included in LegalTrac is selected on the basis of criteria provided by a special advisory committee of the American Association of Law Libraries.

LegalTrac also contains law-related articles from more than 1,000 additional business and general interest titles.

Indexed Titles:

  • Law Reviews
  • Legal Newspapers (seven)
  • International Legal Publications (from English-speaking countries)
  • Law Specialty Publications
  • Bar Association Journals
  • Law-Related Articles from Business & General Interest Periodicals

LegalTrac gives researchers instant access to a compressive range of major legal publications, searchable by name, subject, case and statute. Each year, LegalTrac's content is reviewed and enhanced, based on the recommendations of an advisory committee of the American Association of Law Libraries. By consolidating all of these legal publications in one database, LegalTrac on InfoTrac makes it easy to obtain relevant information in one seamless search - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get the right data, through the right interface, with the right access and delivery options - all on InfoTrac.

Intuitive, flexible and powerful, the InfoTrac interface makes LegalTrac a truly self-service database for your library users. It features:

  • Several levels of searching to provide the most precise results with the greatest ease for searchers with differing experience levels. With InfoTrac, different search modes - Subject Guide, Keyword Search and Full Boolean Searching - are easy to activate and use
  • Superior indexing and a vast controlled vocabulary to aid searches in locating relevant information, alleviating the aggravation of hunting for one exact term - Many "See" and "See Also" references to guide users to similar or related topics

InfoTrac offers many innovative features that make the difference between online and on-target searches:

  • 24-hour, seven-day-a week Web and Internet access from any location
  • Your choice of interfaces: InfoTrac's Web and character-based interfaces, or your Z39.50 client interface. The InfoTrac interface is specially adapted to each unique data set up to help users pinpoint the most relevant information for their research
  • Previously controlled remote Web access to InfoTrac resources via the Remote Patron Authentication Service
  • Z39.50 compliance: InfoTrac is Z39.50 compliant, enabling libraries with varying client software and technical infrastructures to use its database
  • Internet-accessible remote reference center: InfoTrac centralized, remote reference service helps you keep pace with demands for broad user access to full-text and full-image resources while controlling the costs and overhead associated with data loading, support and document delivery

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