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Europa World: The Europa World Year Book Online


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Online-Version der Printausgabe des Jahrbuchs "The Europa World Year Book" mit Zugang zu umfassenden Länderinformationen über rund 250 Länder weltweit u.a. zu den Bereichen Geographie, Statistik, Politik und Verwaltung, Gesellschaft, Medien, Wirtschaft und Handel. "Europa World Plus" integriert darüber hinaus den Inhalt der 9-bändigen Reihe "Regional Surveys of the World". Updates: laufend.

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Europa Publications - Taylor & Francis

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Globally renowned for its accuracy, consistency and reliability, the Europa World Year Book provides detailed country surveys containing the latest analytical, statistical and directory information available for over 250 countries and territories.

For more than eighty years since its first publication, the Europa World Year Book has been at the forefront of political information on library reference shelves, providing reliable and timely information which is often hard to find.

International Organizations

Over 1,900 international and regional organizations are included. All the featured organizations are listed in a comprehensive index.

  • Provides extensive coverage of the United Nations and its related agencies and bodies; and covers in depth a further sixty major international organizations. These entries provide in-depth articles on the activities of each organization and the programmes they run, a list of member states, and information covering the structure of the organization. Contact details, publications and information on finance are also included.
  • The third section lists some 1,750 other international organizations, listed by area of activity. Contact details and publications are listed for each entry, as well as a description of activities.
  • Organizations featured include the United Nations Environmental Programme, the European Union, the International Organization for Migration, the Criminal Court, the World Trade Organization, and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Country Surveys

More than 250 countries and territories are covered by an individual chapter. These chapters contain:

Introductory Survey

The Introductory Survey includes essays covering recent history, economic affairs, government, defence, education and public holidays. Extensively updated and revised annually, these provide an excellent introduction to the country.

Statistical Survey

This section provides tables giving the latest available figures on area and population; health and welfare; agriculture; forestry; fishing; mining; industry; finance; trade; transport; tourism; the media; and education. Statistics are sourced from official local or national bodies, or from international organizations where appropriate.

Directory Section

A comprehensive directory section lists names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and internet addresses, plus other useful facts about organizations from the fields of government; election commissions; political organizations; diplomatic representation; judicial system; religions; the press; publishers; broadcasting and communications; banking; insurance; trade and industry; development organizations; chambers of commerce; industrial and trade associations; utilities; trade unions; transport; and tourism.

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