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Political Risk Yearbook


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The Political Risk Yearbook contains the same data and analysis that over 80% of the world's largest companies (as ranked by Fortune) use to make business decisions, available to academics for a mere fraction of what our corporate customers pay.

The Political Risk Yearbook covers 100 countries. For each country, the Yearbook includes:

Highlights - A snapshot of key forecasts and key points to watch.

Comment and Analysis - In-depth analysis of the current state of political, financial, and economic risk in the country.

Databank - A ten-year history of key domestic and international economic indicators, as well as important social data.

Forecast Scenarios - Political Risk Services' unique 18-month and five-year forecasts based on a variety of political scenarios. This is the only service available that helps you plan for future regime and policy changes.

Political Framework - The political system, policies and key political players in the country.

Background - The information you need to understand the current situation in a country, including:
- Geography
- History
- Political Conditions
- Government Organization
- Foreign Relations
- Defense Forces
- Economic Conditions
- Key Sector Data
- Investment Overview
- Taxation
- Environmental Trends

Data Available for countries in Political Risk Yearbook
Per Capita GDP
Real Growth Rate
Inflation Rate
Capital Investment
Budget Revenues
Budget Revenues/GDP
Budget Expenditures
Budget Expenditures/GDP
Budget Balance
Budget Balance/GDP
Money Supply (M1)
Change in Real Wages
Unemployment Rate
Foreign Direct Investment
Foreign Exchange Reserves
Total Foreign Debt Current Account
Current Account/GDP
Foreign Trade Balance
Currency Exchange Rate
Currency Change
Energy Consumption Per Head
Annual Population Growth
Infant Mortality
Urban Population
Urban Growth
Work Force Distribution
Ethnic Groups
Debt Service Ratio

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