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Der Online-Service bietet ausführliche Profile zu über 770.000 Künstlern vom 4. Jahrhundert v. Chr. bis zur Gegenwart. Zu den behandelten Aspekten gehören Biographie, Werkverzeichnis, ausgewählte Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen, Sammlungen und Bibliographie. Verzeichnet werden ferner über 13,5 Millionen Ergebnisse von Kunst- und Designauktionen von 6.300 Auktionshäusern weltweit, die über verschiedene ökonometrische Analysen aufbereitet werden. Eine weitere Sektion erschließt Signaturen und Monogramme von über 10.000 Künstlern weltweit. Berichtszeitraum: 1987 ff., teilweise 1700 ff. Updates: täglich. Täglicher Zuwachs (Sektion Auktionsergebnisse): 2.000 Nachweise.

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The site offers access to the information contained in our art market data bank which covers over 306,000 artists and worldwide auction records dating back from 1700 to today.

The subscription gives unlimited access to the following data banks (depending on the subscription):

  • Auction results recorded by Artprice from 1987 to present
  • Artist search in upcoming auctions recorded by Artprice
  • Artists' reports of price levels & indices by Artprice
  • Artists' biographies of Artistbiography
  • Artists' signatures, monograms, symbols

Artist search
For a search on an artist, we offer the following information
The Fine Art categories covered by the data banks: painting, drawing, prints-posters, sculpture-installation, tapestry, miniatures as well as ceramics and books signed by an artist.

Auction records
Artprice lists over 4 million auction results collected from 1700 to the present day and covers over 306,000 artists spanning the 4th Century to the current period. The auction results of 3.5 million auctioned art works are available on-line. Every day 2,000 auction results are collected from 2,900 international auction houses and added to the data banks.

Upcoming auctions
A unique watchdog of the auction records of 2,900 auction houses in 40 countries. Artprice receives between 9,000 and 12,000 sales catalogues every year and our business intelligence department analyses over 900 art market periodicals from 120 countries. With such a wide coverage Artprice tracks the artworks of a given artist in upcoming auctions at 2,900 auctions houses: date, place, sale and viewing times, complete descriptions of works and auction house details.

Price levels and indexes
Artprice econometrics department of the art market offers spot-on indicators to bring you clear information and help you in your decisions. Price indices, price levels by category, trend of the bought-in rate, number of transactions and sales composition for a clear vision of the market since 1997. Special care has been taken by the econometrics department to offer over 5,000 artist cards covering all fine art categories.

The artist-biography department's art historians keep an eye on what's going on in the world contemporary art scene and update the biographies of famous, confirmed and upcoming artists. The artist of your search has not yet sold at auction? The reliability and objectivity of Artprice biographies let you know about the profile and the visibility of an artist: gallery showing work, collections containing works, exhibitions, media and topics. Our information is validated and certified by documents such as copies of diplomas, exhibition cards, and press articles.

A unique research tool covering over 10,000 artists of all time periods and all nationalities. Drawn from the Artprice library of reference encyclopedias and published on-line for the first time. Includes the following dictionaries:

  • Signatures & Monograms of 19th & 20th Century Artists by Frank Van Wilder
  • The Encyclopedia of Artists' Signatures, Monograms and Symbols by Caplan & Creps

For many artists, several signatures are recorded since their signature may have varied at different stages in their careers or depending on the medium used. A search function by initials will soon be added.

Subscription options

artprice basic
This subscription gives unlimited access to the following data banks:

  • auction results recorded by Artprice from 1987 to present
  • artist search in upcoming auctions recorded by Artprice
  • artists' biographies

artprice PurePlay
This subscription gives unlimited access to the following data banks:

  • auction results recorded by Artprice from 1987 to present
  • artist search in upcoming auctions recorded by Artprice
  • artists' reports of price levels & indices by Artprice
  • artists' biographies
  • artists' signatures, monograms, symbols

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