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EIU Market Indicators & Forecasts


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Economist Intelligence Unit

EIU Industry Forecasts

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Market sizes and growth potential information for 60 major markets worldwide Market Indicators and Forecasts delivers the range of market variables required by strategists and business planners. This service provides an accurate and comprehensive source of industry, demographic, consumption and key economic data on each market. Market Indicators and Forecasts can help you find the answers to critical business questions such as:

  • How much will your industry be worth in Russia and China in five years' time?
  • Which country in Latin America has the highest Internet penetration?
  • Which country in Asia has the most attractive business environment?
  • Where should you locate your production plants and your research & development (R&D) facilities?
  • Which country in Europe has the highest corporate tax rate?

Comprehensive coverage - From the developed economies of the OECD to the key emerging markets of Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, this service contains more than 400 different variables for each country, including:

  • Consumer markets and income - includes personal income, income distribution, private consumption, consumer spending patterns and consumer market data about a wide range of consumer products and services.
  • Infrastructure - includes data about housing and office space, transportation, energy and telecom's, and the Internet. This variable also includes our unique e-business readiness ratings by country.
  • Competitiveness - includes labour costs and labour force statistics, productivity rates, education levels, technology and R&D spending.
  • Politics, institutions and regulations - the Economist Intelligence Unit business environment rankings give you an overall assessment of the market opportunities, and the macroeconomic and political environment for business within each country. Market Indicators and Forecasts also provides assessments for each country's political stability, governments' stance towards business, industrial relations, the tax regime, financing regulations, foreign trade and exchange regime, and government policies towards foreign investment.

Recent additions to Market Indicators and Forecasts

Market Indicators and Forecasts now includes The Economist's Big Mac index. This series, which includes historical data, is an innovative measure of purchasing-power parity around the world. We have also added our whole database of country risk scores from our Country Risk Service, as well as all the operational risk scores and ratings from our RiskWire service. To save you time and effort, we have also included regional aggregates for all the variables contained in the service.

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