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UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics


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DVD-ROM, Online

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UNCTAD, United Nations Publications


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978-92-1-012066-1 (DVD-ROM)

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The UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics 2007 on DVD provides a comprehensive collection of statistical data relevant to the analysis of international trade, investment and development, for individual countries and for economic and trade groupings. The Mini DVD presents reference statistics considered of particular importance for describing, in the context of globalization, how developing countries have evolved in recent decades. The time series cover periods that are as long as figures obtainable permit (going back to 1950 when data are available). The Handbook is a valuable tool for research, policy making and education and can also be used in conjunction with the printed or the online version. A user-friendly data browser allows users to sort data and to simultaneously view, for example, values and percentages, thus enabling quicker reference and improved analytical insight. It is also easy to perform calculations, aggregate figures and extract and export data, as well as to create different charts.

The UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics provides users with reliable coherent data on the following subjects:

  • International merchandise trade: values, trends and regional trade zones;
  • Export and import structure by products and by regions of origin and destination, and related concentration and diversification indices;
  • Volume and terms of trade indices;
  • Average applied import tariff rates;
  • Trade in services: total trade and trade by sector;
  • Maritime transport: world merchant fleet;
  • Commodity prices and relevant price indices; production and processing of selected raw mineral commodities;
  • International financial data: current accounts, capital and financial accounts, foreign direct investment, external indebtedness, workers´ remittances, etc.;
  • Indicators of development: GDP, population and labour, and selected development indicators.

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