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British Literary Manuscripts Online, Medieval and Renaissance


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With this valuable resource, manuscript materials can, for the first time, be brought into the classroom, providing unique access to the authors' social networks, attitudes and education, as well as the development of their writings. Scholars will welcome the rare opportunity to search and review manuscripts online in order to indentify items for closer study.


Preceding the Restoration and the development of Britain as a modern world power, the Medieval and Renaissance periods witnessed the movement of literature from the elite to the masses and revolutionary changes in society, religion, commerce and culture. This collection is an essential resource for English, History, and Religious Studies researchers.


This collection includes rare and previously inaccesible works from the British Library:

  • Beowulf (Cotton Vitellius A. xv)
  • Judith (Cotton Vitellius A. xv)
  • Sermo Lupi ad Anglos - "The Sermon of the Wolf" by Wulfstan II, Archbishop of York (Cotton Nero A. i)
  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The Abingdon Chronicle II (Cotton MS. Tiberius B i.)
  • The Book of Margery Kempe (Additional MS 61823)
  • York Corpus Christi Plays - York Mystery Plays (Additional MS 25290)

This collection includes all the manuscripts from the following Harvester Microfilm collections:

  • British Literary Manuscripts from the British Library, London. Series III: Medieval Age: c. 1150-1500
  • Medieval Literary and Historical Manuscripts in the Cotton Collection

It also contains all manuscripts not dated 1660 or later from the following Harvester Microfilm collections (the later manuscripts are included in British Literary Manuscripts Online, c. 1660-1900):

  • British Literary Manuscripts from the British Library, London. Series I: English Renaissance: Literature from the Tudor Period to the Restoration, c.1500-1700
  • British Literary Manuscripts from the National Library of Scotland. Part 1: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, c.1300-1700
  • Forster and Dyce Collections from the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Part 1: 16th & 17th Century Manuscripts
  • British Literary Manuscripts from the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C. 1500-1700


A groundbreaking collection, British Literary Manuscripts Online, Medieval and Renaissance offers students, instructors and general readers digital access to unique documents once available only to literary scholars. Highlights of British Literary Manuscripts Online, Medieval and Renaissance include:

  • Geoffrey Chaucer's The Wife of Bath's Tale
  • William Shakespeare's The Life of Timon of Athens
  • William Langland's Visio Willelmi de Petro Ploughman or "William's Vision of Piers Ploughman"
  • Marie de France's Le Lai de Launval
  • One of the St. Albans manuscripts

Quick Facts

  • 564,192 pages
  • Includes the works of more than 1,000 authors
  • Covers 540 years: 1120-1660

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