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Polling the Nations


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Volltextdatenbank mit Umfragedaten (voller Text der Fragen, aggregierte Ergebnisse) aus über 14.000 Umfragen von ca. 700 Institutionen (Umfrageinstituten, Universitäten, Fernsehsender, Zeitungen u.a.) zu politischen, ethischen, sozialen und religiösen Einstellungen. Geographische Reichweite: USA, Europa, Asien. Zeitliche Reichweite: 1986 ff.


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ORS Publishing

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Polling the Nations is the most comprehensive collection of public opinion, with information from not only in the United States but also more than 100 countries around the world. The database includes the full text of the questions and responses covering a broad range of issues.

Polling the Nations began in 1981 as a database of American public opinion published in a book format (American Public Opinion Index). Over the years the database expanded to include surveys from more than 100 other countries in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Africa, and Asia, in an electronic format. First, as a CD-ROM and now as an on-line version, Polling the Nations is a powerful reference tool that provides a tremendous storehouse of information with quick access and easy searching capability for locating fascinating survey information.

Unmatched by any other resource, Polling the Nations has collected more than 500,000 questions from an amazing array of sources. A review in Library Journal, July 1999 said,

"The breadth and depth of sources is quite staggering. I expected to find Gallup, Harris and Roper here, but there are also polls from the Detroit Free Press, 48 Hours, Kellogg, the Reno Police department, GQ Magazine, Eurobarometer, Playboy, NYT/CBS News. Avon Products, TV Guide, Harvard Community Health Plan, Center for disease Control, Florida State University, AFL-CIO, Gallup Hungary, and Market Resource Group, among others. All told, more than 700 organizations are represented by the polls at this site."

There are 5,000 topics in the Polling the Nations database. No other source even approaches this number. The subjects cover myriad issues such as gun control, abortion, government, women, race relations, the economy, and children. In addition to these recurring themes, episodic events such as reactions to September 11--trust in government, Americans' willingness to take military action against countries assisting terrorists, whether the rights of average Americans are being protected--are added in a timely fashion.

The Polling the Nations database with more than 500,000 questions from 14,000 surveys has a streamlined search engine that allows the user to easily narrow the search and quickly reach the information sought. Each question is individually indexed making it easy to locate information by using one or a combination of the six search fields - topic, question text, universe (area surveyed), date, polling organization, and response categories.

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