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Computing Reviews


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Die bibliographische Datenbank für Veröffentlichungen auf dem Gebiet der Informatik und der Computer-Technologie beinhaltet Referate der ACM Computing Reviews. Ausgewertet werden Zeitschriften, Monographien, Konferenzbeiträge, nichtkonventionelle Literatur, Reports, Dissertationen und Preprints. Die Einträge werden kommentiert, nach dem ACM Computing Classification System klassifiziert und mit Schlagworten versehen. Berichtszeitrauum: 1974 ff.

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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

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The world of computing is fast-moving, and there is no better way of tracking the latest developments and discoveries than through an online service of reviews. With new reviews published daily, Computing Reviews (CR) reflects the rapid evolution across all areas of computer science. Through its community of over 1,000 reviewers, CR provides its readers with the timely commentary and overview needed in identifying the most essential books and articles.

CR allows readers to explore topics both broadly and in great detail, appealing to the specialist and generalist alike. On the home page readers can browse the beginnings of the most recent reviews, or they can use CR's powerful navigational tools to pinpoint the information most relevant to their work and research. In addition, readers can draw on CR's personalized features to create customized searches and alerts that let them know about the newest developments.

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