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LexisNexis Environmental


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Internationale fachbibliographische Datenbank mit Literaturnachweisen und Abstracts zu den Bereichen Umwelt- und Energieforschung und -technik sowie den angrenzenden Bereichen. Berücksichtigt werden Grundlagenforschung und angewandte Aspekte, wirtschaftliche, technische, sozio-ökonomische, soziologische und politische Fragen. Ferner enthalten sind Nachweise von umweltrelevanten Artikeln ausgewählter amerikanischer Tageszeitungen und Newsletters mit Volltexten. Außerdem umfasst die Datenbank Entscheidungen amerikanischer Gerichte, die umweltrelevanten Codes and Regulations (CFR) und das "Federal Register" ab 1980 im Volltext. Berichtszeitraum: 1975 ff. (Environment Abstracts). Updates: monatlich.

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Now there is a tool you can turn to for more efficient and targeted searches on a wide range of today's key environmental issues from a diverse collection of source types. Avoid wasting valuable time and energy scrolling through a document list from a search engine that may contain hundreds (or even thousands) of irrelevant documents from unreliable sources. Use a tailored product for a comprehensive search of topics from sources and documents you trust. Use LexisNexis Environmental!

Search LexisNexis Environmental on a wide range of topics, including:

- Energy

- Air pollution

- Toxicology

- Land use and pollution

- Water pollution

- Wildlife/Biodiversity

- Population/Sustainable development

- Global warming

- Waste management

- Agriculture

Search LexisNexis Environmental's diverse collection of source types, including:

- Journals

- Conference papers and proceedings

- Federal and state government reports

- Major daily newspapers

- Consumer and trade magazines

- Newsletters

- Law reviews

- Environmental codes

- Case law

- Regulatory agency decisions

Environment Abstracts in a Web format

You asked for it and now it's here! Environment Abstracts - the CD-ROM product you've come to know and trust - is available online. Search abstracts from thousands of environmental journals, conference papers, and Federal government reports with links to selected full text. Sources in this section include:

- BioCycle

- Wildlife Research

- Science of the Total Environment

- Orion

- Environmental Science & Technology

- Canadian Journal of Forest Research

- Waste Age

- Water, Air & Soil Pollution

News, Journals, and Commentary

Get environmental news with links to full-text articles from the relevant portions of major daily newspapers and consumer magazines, plus complete coverage of trade magazines, newsletters, and more than 40 law reviews.

Sources in this section include:

- Los Angeles Times

- Time

- Chemical Week

- Nuclear News

- Greenwire

- The Environmental Lawyer*

- New York University Environmental Law Journal*

- Environmental Law Reporter*

- Environmental Law Treatises* (Matthew Bender)

Codes and Regulations

Find Federal and state environmental codes and Federal agency regulations, including:

- Public laws*

- United States code

- Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register

- State codes from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Case Law and Agency Actions

Access Federal and state environmental case law from:

- All Federal courts

- U.S. Supreme Court

- U.S. Courts of Appeals

- U.S. District Courts

- U.S. Court of Federal Claims

- U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

plus all decisions from selected Federal and state regulatory agencies and departments, including:

- Environmental Protection Agency*

- Department of the Interior*

- Occupational Safety & Health Administration*

Waste and Materials

Locate Federal and state waste site data and hazardous materials information, including:

- Superfund records*

- Federal and state site records*

- State waste records* on:

Leaking underground storage tanks

Solid waste sites

State priority lists

Storage tank site records

- Material safety data sheets*

* Sources not found in LexisNexis Academic.

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