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Caxton's Canterbury Tales: The British Library Copies


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Hrsg. v. Barbara Bordalejo

CD-ROM, Online

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Elektronische Edition der beiden frühesten, von William Caxton erstellten Drucke von Geoffrey Chaucers "Canterbury Tales" (British Library 167.c.26 (B.55009, "Royal Copy" der ersten Ausgabe) und British Library C.21.d (IB.55095, "Grenville Copy" der zweiten Ausgabe) im Rahmen des Canterbury Tales Project (University of Birmingham). Die Edition umfasst farbige, zoombare Digitalisate aller Textseiten mit vollständiger Transkription. Begleitet wird die Ausgabe von einer wissenschaftlichen Einleitung und textkritischen Anmerkungen.

Caxton's Canterbury Tales: The British Library Copies

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Scholarly Digital Editions

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This CD-Rom contains the first ever full-colour facsimiles of these copies of William Caxton's first and second editions of the Canterbury Tales, and the first electronic publication of any copy of the Caxton editions. These manuscripts are crucial both to the history of printing - the first edition, published in around 1476, is probably the first book ever printed in England - and in the history of Chaucer's text (the second edition took readings from a now-lost manuscript which research suggests was the equal of any now surviving). Images of the text of each page may be compared directly, and a word-by-word collation of the two texts shows exactly how they differ.


  • Images at 127 dpi (first edition) and 134 dpi (second edition), permitting closer examination of each page
  • Full transcripts of all text of all tales, links and glosses
  • Word and phrase search of all text
  • Word by word collation of whole text of both editions, with all differences highlighted in red
  • Unique line collation of whole text of both edition shows all differences of additional lines and line order, using colour to indicate different orders
  • Unique 'view by quires' feature allows you to see how each quire is constructed (including the distribution of watermarks across the quire); and which folios hold engravings or are facsimiles made by John Harris
  • From the quire view, move through the whole manuscript opening by opening, seeing what is on each page, with links to each page
  • View each folio together with its conjugate (that is, see each sheet as they came off the press, as if the edition were unbound)
  • Notes by the editor, Barbara Bordalejo, on the editions

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