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The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges: A Digital Database


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Die aus der Arbeit des Jorge Luis Borges Collection and Documentation Center der Fundación San Telmo hervorgegangene personalbibliographische Datenbank erfasst in über 2.800 Einträgen sämtliche veröffentlichten und unveröffentlichten Texte des argentinischen Schriftstellers Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) sowie Übersetzungen ins Englische.
Die detaillierten bibliographischen Nachweise werden ergänzt durch Informationen zur Veröffentlichungsgeschichte sämtlicher Texte. Neben dem Verzeichnis der Primärliteratur beinhaltet die Datenbank eine umfangreiche, annotierte Bibliographie der selbstständig und unselbstständig erschienenen Sekundärliteratur zu Borges von 1923 bis zur Gegenwart.
Das Verzeichnis umfasst derzeit rund 5.000 Nachweise, darunter Interviews, Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenbeiträge sowie Rezensionen. Schwer zugängliche oder seltene Materialien, insbesondere vor 1950, und sonstige copyrightfreie Dokumente werden darüber hinaus in Form von Seitenimages bereitgestellt. Updates: unregelmäßig.

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Next to Cervantes, no other writer in the Spanish language has received as much scholarly attention as Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). The voluminous number of dissertations, articles and books concerning Borges' works, translations of his writings, and his cultural and intellectual influence testify to his importance to scholars and students. This interest has continued across generations since his death. In fact, Borges is considered by many scholars, critics, and readers as the greatest contemporary Spanish-American writer. Borges' work became part of a larger cultural and intellectual current in Latin America that served to influence thought, writing, and creativity in the United States and Europe. His writings were the single most important influence on the Latin American boom of the 1960s which produced extraordinary literature and led to greater worldwide acceptance of Latin American writers and thought.

The works of this acclaimed Argentine poet, essayist, novelist, and short-story writer are present in every graduate-level curriculum in Spanish literature departments and in the vast majority of undergraduate programs. His writings are an undisputed part of the Spanish language canon in comparative literature, translation, and cultural studies.

About the Borges Center and its Databases

This online database originates from the Jorge Luis Borges Collection and Documentation Center of the Fundación San Telmo, which contains the world's largest collection of materials related to Borges' life and works. The collection was begun in 1986 and includes manuscripts and letters, books, periodicals, photographs, audio and video recordings, newspaper and magazine clippings, and other objects and documents. The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges is based on this extensive collection and is the first database to provide access to a wide range of materials on Borges, including those that are rare or appeared in unindexed national and provincial newspapers and journals. Subjects cover a panorama of history, literature, philosophy, art, politics, linguistics, and culture. Thus, The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges is not only an invaluable source for Latin American studies but also a beginning point for cultural studies.

Online Database Features

This database includes:

  • An extremely powerful full-text search capability. In this database, the entire corpus of Borges' works has been XML-annotated, and this allows researchers the unprecedented ability to search not just for a single term, but for all instances that relate to that term. For example, this capability allows a search for every reference to Shakespeare in the corpus, not only when the word "Shakespeare" appears, but also where his books are referenced.

  • A complete primary bibliography of over 2,800 entries, listing Borges' works. The bibliography includes very rare and unpublished texts, and English translations where they exist. Every record features complete publication information, including the publication history of the text, a list of all periodicals and books where it was published, and links to the bibliographic record for each of these publications. Because of copyright restrictions, the texts themselves are not included, but with the information provided by the database, students and scholars should easily find them.

  • Examples of typical queries are: searching for all texts published in collaboration with a particular author, all of Borges' contributions to a particular periodical, or finding the publication history and variants of a particular poem.

  • A large indexed secondary bibliography, including articles about Borges, interviews, criticism, and news that appeared in the press. Currently there are over 5,000 entries, from 1923 to present. These records are the result of indexing more than 2,000 books, 1,600 periodicals, and several thousand newspaper clippings. Sources include foreign books, newspapers, and journals, and they also contain those publications dealing with the historically important reception of Borges in the United States and France.

  • Two key features of this secondary bibliography are: (1) it is fully indexed - every entry is summarized and annotated with keywords, so the bibliography can be searched efficiently; and (2) it includes the full text images of many articles, especially those published before 1950, many in little-known journals or newspapers that no longer exist along with others without copyright restrictions. In addition, the contents of articles are summarized, so the user will not always need to search for the original publication.

  • An encyclopedia with 1,000 entries of the most important subjects about which Borges wrote. The encyclopedia indexes the complete database, and for each entry, the information includes all texts (fiction, essays, poetry, interview, letters, notes, etc.) in which Borges refers to the particular topic indexed. For example, clicking on "Kafka" in the encyclopedia will return links to all references to Kafka in Borges' works.

The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges provides a user-friendly interface and features menus in both English and Spanish. It includes thousands of records with cross-references, allowing the user to navigate among different resources. The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges is an outstanding resource for research, allowing scholars and students easy access to a wealth of material on one of the twentieth century's most important literary, intellectual, and cultural figures.

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