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Comprehensive Nuclear Materials


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2nd Edition

Hrsg. v. Rudy Konings und Roger Stoller


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Umfassendes, interdisziplinäres Referenzwerk mit ausführlichen, begutachteten Beiträgen von international führenden Wissenschaftlern und Ingenieuren zum Themenbereich Nuklearmaterial. Behandelt werden die Hauptklassen und Funktionen von Materialien, die geeignet sind für den Einsatz im Bereich der Kernspaltung, in Kernfusionsreaktoren und Teilchenbeschleunigern sowie für die unterschiedlichsten Funktionen in Kernbrennstoffen, Moderator- und Kontrollmaterial sowie in strukturellen und funktionellen Materialien und Abfallstoffen. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2020 in 2. Auflage erschienene, 5-bändige Printausgabe zugrunde.

Comprehensive Nuclear Materials, 2nd Edition

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Elsevier Science

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Materials in a nuclear environment are exposed to extreme conditions of radiation, temperature and/or corrosion, and in many cases the combination of these makes the material behavior very different from conventional materials. This is evident for the four major technological challenges the nuclear technology domain is facing currently:

(i) long-term operation of existing Generation II nuclear power plants,

(ii) the design of the next generation reactors (Generation IV),

(iii) the construction of the ITER fusion reactor in Cadarache (France),

(iv) and the intermediate and final disposal of nuclear waste.

In order to address these challenges, engineers and designers need to know the properties of a wide variety of materials under these conditions and to understand the underlying processes affecting changes in their behavior, in order to assess their performance and to determine the limits of operation.

Key Features

  • Critically reviews the major classes and functions of materials, supporting the selection, assessment, validation and engineering of materials in extreme nuclear environments
  • Comprehensive resource for up-to-date and authoritative information which is not always available elsewhere, even in journals
  • Provides an in-depth treatment of materials modeling and simulation, with a specific focus on nuclear issues
  • Serves as an excellent entry point for students and researchers new to the field
  • Readership
  • Researchers, teachers and students of all aspects of nuclear materials, materials science, and energy engineering. Industry professionals and engineers including government and corporate employees.

Table of Contents

1. Fundamentals of Radiation Effects in Solids

2. Computational Theory, Simulation, and Modelling

3. Oxide Fuel Systems in Thermal and Fast Neutron Spectrum Reactors

4. Advanced Fuel Concepts, Research Reactor Fuels, and Space Applications

5. Radiation Effects in Materials for Fission Energy Systems

6. Radiation Effects in Materials for Fusion Energy Systems

7. Corrosion, Compatibility, and Environmental Effects

8. Spent Fuel Processing and Waste Disposal

9. Basic Properties of Nuclear Materials

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