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Comprehensive Gut Microbiota


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1st Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Maria Glibetic


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Elsevier Science

Comprehensive Gut Microbiota

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Comprehensive Gut Microbiota, Three Volume Set provides new insights into gut microbiota as a critical mediator of human health and well-being. Comprehensive chapters, split across three volumes, present trusted and authoritative sources of information for novel human gut microbiome and health research. The book focuses on the fascinating intestinal microbiome and its interaction with food, food bioactive components, nutrition and human health. Chapters address the core science in the microbiota field and draw links between the microbiome, food, nutrition and health interaction. The text reflects the current state of evidence available in the field of microbiota, its regulation at the individual and population level, and the importance of the microbiome to human health. Each section includes introductory chapters that present key concepts about the section objective. Later sections focus on the novel findings of the gut microbiome, food and nutrition science. Human studies and systematic literature reviews are also discussed throughout the work.

Key Features

  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to gut microbiota research and its role and relation to human health
  • Consolidates new research on how gut microbiota affects nutrition and vice versa, offering increased understanding of methodologies and the complexity of microbiome-health science
  • Written by leading experts from various fields and regions, ensuring that the knowledge within is easily understood by, and applicable to, a large audience


Professionals, teachers, and students across a wide range of disciplines including: the biomedical sciences; general biology; nutrition and food science; food and nutrition researchers working in academia and industry and healthcare professionals giving dietary recommendations to the public

Table of Contents

1. Gut Microbiota: A New Organ

2. Host Bacterial Symbiosis

3. Dysbiosis: GI Microbial Disbalance

4. Changes of Microbiota During Host Lifespan and Development

5. Impact of Microbiome on Human Health

6. Food, Nutrition and Gut Microbiota

7. Microbiome, therapeutics application and epigenetics

8. Microbiota Beyond the Gut

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