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Treatise on Geomorphology


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2nd Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. John Shroder


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Elsevier Science

Treatise on Geomorphology

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Treatise on Geomorphology, Second Edition, Eleven Volume Set is organized into eleven volumes built on the outstanding success of the first edition. This comprehensive introduction to the large and diverse discipline of geomorphology provides a key reference tool for undergraduate geology students looking for term paper topics, graduate students starting a literature review for their thesis work, and for professionals seeking a concise summary of a particular topic. The tools available to understand geomorphology have greatly advanced in recent years, hence this new release will complement the work of a variety of professionals who are interested in topics such as GIScience, Remote Sensing and Karst.

Key Features

  • Authoritative, authored and edited by recognized experts in the field, with a range of different expertise that ensures a high-quality standard for all chapters
  • Provides up-to-date information in a field that has seen significant progress in past years, including key advances in Remote Sensing and GIScience
  • Offers users a "one-stop", comprehensive resource for access to a wealth of information and critical summaries, thus bridging the gap between different specialties


Academics and students in geology, geophysics, geomorphology and earth science; industry professionals and members of non-government organizations who need information on processes and techniques related to geomorphology

Table of Contents

1. Technology in Geomorphology

2. Tectonic Geomorphology

3. Weathering and Soils (Critical-Zone) Geomorphology

4. Cryospheric Geomorphology

5. Mass-Movement Geomorphology

6. Fluvial Geomorphology

7. Aeolian and Desert Geomorphology

8. Coastal and Submarine Geomorphology

9. Anthropogenic Geomorphology

10. Quantitative Modelling in Geomorphology

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