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Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation


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1st Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Dominick A. DellaSala und Michael I. Goldstein


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Elsevier Science

Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation

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This work describes in a single, organic reference the state of imperiled ecosystems and species, including causes, risks and conservation recommendations.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive – First of its kind coverage of Earth's imperiledspecies and ecosystems in one source, including recommendations for sustainability and conservation
  • Global appeal – Includes global and regional applications with an emphasis on the integration of biology, geography, and land-use
  • Reader-friendly -Top notch scientific articles written in easy-to-understand language and including strong visual graphics

Important Areas of Coverage:

  • Imperiled Plants
  • Imperiled Vertebrates
  • Imperiled Invertebrates
  • Imperiled Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Imperiled Freshwater Ecosystems
  • Imperiled MarineEcosystems
  • Imperiled Ecosystem Services
  • Conservation Case Studies

What problem does this MRW solve?

Where information on imperilment and conservation exists, it lacks a condensed focused and is spread across journals and magazines, as well as news articles which often lack scientific rigour. This work provides a comprehensive, authoritative sourceof information in a consistent format and language, covering rarity and imperilment at several levels of biological organization. No other similar work is currently available on the market.

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