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Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV


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4th Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Gerard Parkin, Dermot O'Hare und Karsten Meyer


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Elsevier Science


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This outstanding major reference work is back for a brand new edition, providing researchers of all levels with an expertly authored compendium covering the entirety of organometallic chemistry

Key Features

  • Offers a comprehensive review of current organometallic research and critical insight into the future direction of the field with an emphasis on useful and reliable synthesis and reactions, negating the need for individual searches in the primary literature andacross various databases
  • Provides expert coverage of the synthesis, structures, bonding and reactivity of all organometallic compounds, including the mechanisms of the reactions
  • The 4th edition will match the impressive reputation of the previous editions as the go-to foundational reference in organometallic chemistry

Important Areas of Coverage:

  • Fundamentals
  • Groups 1, 2 and 11 to 15
  • Groups 3 to 4 and the f elements
  • Groups 5 to 7
  • Groups 8 to 10
  • Main group compounds in organic synthesis, including macromolecules
  • Transition metal compounds in organic synthesis, including macromolecules
  • Materials science, nanoscience, polymer science and surface chemistry
  • Applications IV: Bio-organometallics, metallo-therapy, metallo-diagnostics, medicine and environmental chemistry

What problem does this MRW solve?

There are no other publications which cover the whole breadth of organometallic chemistry at such a broad and in-depth level. The previous editions of this work are renowned in the field for allowing the audience to maintain an awareness of the literatureand methodologies using just one clear and concise resource, saving researchers valuable time and effort through carefully structured critical reviews of the literature by experts. This update is necessary to capture the latest developments in such a rapidly evolving and extensive field in one place.

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