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International Encyclopedia of Education


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4th Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Robert J. Tierney, Kris D. Gutiérrez und Fazal Rizvi


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Elsevier Science

International Encyclopedia of Education, 4th Edition 2022

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International Encyclopedia of Education, Fourth Edition updates readers on emerging interests and developments in the field. The book presents comprehensive reviews of research in various areas, but also includes illustrations/examples from regions, nations, locations--situated and contrastive (i.e., rather than exemplars serving transferability rather than generalizability avoiding standardization and homogenizations). In so doing, this encyclopedia can serve topic-specific purposes as well as be enlisted in a fashion which binds together separate entries. Sections provide comprehensive reviews and the state of research, theory and practice in a fashion that is both historic and developmental.
A pioneering resource which addresses internationalizing education research developments in conjunction with provoking regional and global scholarly understandings and reflections. Offers a comprehensive, thought-provoking and diverse understanding into the discipline of Education. It addresses the issues and topics presented in past editions and extends the work to global considerations.

Key features/benefits

  • Each entry addresses the state of research, theory and practice in a fashion that is both historic and developmental. The focus is on advances dealing with new formations, new arguments, and new theories and offering future directions.
  • The entries provide a critical account of what educational scholars have achieved, but also current challenges. Entries showcase the most recent and relevant approaches to research, theories, and methodology, but also place strong emphasis on the current issues and how educational scholars might contribute to understanding those issues.
  • The sections and entries afford comprehensive reviews of the research in various areas, but also include illustrations/examples from regions, nations, locations.
  • The new edition updates the treatment of past topics and extends them in terms of the ongoing developments and emerging interests and developments.

What problem does this MRW solve?

Provides a holistic, comprehensive resource of this entire subject area in one, easily accessible and expertly authored resource. Students of social science will no longer have to consult a wide variety of different publications – this will provide them with the information they need - thus saving researchers valuable time and effort.

Important Areas of Coverage:

  • Globalization and shifting geopolitics of education
  • Ways of knowing and curriculum formation
  • The rise and rise of STEM education
  • New thinking in learning, cognition and human development
  • Teachers preparation, lives, work and professional development
  • Literacies and languages
  • Social change and education
  • Policy, leadership and governance
  • Challenges and possibilities of reform
  • The challenges of indigenous educating
  • Issues of diversity
  • Assessing assessment
  • Changing nature of work and labor processes
  • Developmental matters across time and learning sites
  • Exploring and advancing quantitative-based research designs and pursuits
  • Qualitative

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