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Encyclopedia of Cell Biology


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2nd Edition 2022

Hrsg. v. Ralph A. Bradshaw, Philip D. Stahl, und Gerald W. Hart


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, 2nd Edition 2022

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Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, Second Edition, a Four Volume Set, has established itself as a fundamental reference work, providing broad coverage of the field in four main sections (Molecular, Organizational, Functional and Translational and Pathological Aspects of Cell Biology). This second edition revisits and expands each section, with entries on topics not covered in the first edition, including Crispr. The whole work is updated, providing greater coverage of specialized cell function and translational applications and putting greater emphasis on these topics in graduate/medical teaching. New overview chapters and subsections provide a simplified cell biology text that can be used by instructors. The new version includes a standard template for each chapter, making the content easier to navigate, as well as inserts and graphics which provide summaries of key points in each chapter.

A unique offering in the market, this work is an authoritative, complete and up-to-date compendium on the whole field of cellular biology, from fundamentals to clinical applications

Key features/benefits

  • Authoritative: led and edited by a team of outstanding scientists in the field
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date: covers both basic and translational aspects of cell biology, from new technologies to translational applications
  • Structured and accessible: the whole work is designed to have consistent, templated chapters, with the view of providing a useful teaching aid

What problem does this MRW solve?

There is a lack of contemporary, authoritative information written in a digestible language, sitting between the simplified pitch of textbooks and the highly specialised language of reviews. This title fills the gap providing the most up-to-date information on new trends and technologies as well as fundamental information; it includes overview chapters as well as suggestions to dive deeper into topics.

Important Areas of Coverage

  • Molecular Aspects of Cell Biology
  • Organizational Aspects of Cell Biology
  • Functional Aspects of Cell Biology
  • Translational & Pathological Aspects of Cell Biology

New or substantially revised areas in this edition include:

  • Impact of new methods and technologies, from CRSPR to `Omics`
  • Greater coverage of specialized cell function and translational applications
  • New overview chapters aimed at facilitating learning and teaching

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