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Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition


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4th Edition 2023

Hrsg. v. Benjamin Caballero


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, 4th Edition 2023

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Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Fourth Edition, a Four Volume Set, provides updated information on the foundations of nutrition science, along with the biology and functions of vitamins and other essential nutrients present in the human diet. The book's content offers a modern understanding of the links between diet and health effects, including diseases of recognized nutritional etiology. This overview of the genetic and molecular aspects of nutrient-health interrelationships includes important content on topics like nutrigenomics, metabolomics and the microbiome. In addition, the book provides global context, particularly on the issue of food production, sustainability and climate change. The new edition carries on the legacy of a reference work that comprehensively offers a one-source, integrated bank of information on all three areas – food, nutrition science and clinical nutrition.

Key features

  • Provides an excellent overview of the field of human nutrition
  • Includes interdisciplinary chapters written by experts from around the world – chapters written by academics and practitioners from various fields and regions ensure the knowledge within is easily understood by, and applicable to, a large audience
  • Ideal for scientists in the fields of food science, biology, physiology, agriculture and climate change


Faculty teaching comprehensive courses to students at the upper division or graduate level as well as professionals (nutritionists, clinicians, researchers) in all fields related to nutrition and health (basic scientists, practicing physicians, dietitians and nurses, public health and policy experts, consumer advocates, journalists and science writers). Researchers and faculty working in related areas of nutrition, like food science, biology, physiology, agriculture and climate change, as well as students, junior scientists, and the educated public in search for recent advances

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