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Comprehensive Mechanics of Materials


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1st Edition 2024

Hrsg. v. Vadim Silberschmidt


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Elsevier Science

Comprehensive Mechanics of Materials, 1st Edition 2024

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Comprehensive Mechanics of Materials, Four Volume Set, provides a trove of practical information into the properties, performances, and applications of a vast array of commonly used materials. It equips readers with a clear understanding of the main mechanisms of deformation, damage, and fracture alongside methods to account for them in analysis, design, and optimization of components and structures. The book provides solutions to modern-day engineering problems, combining both a breadth and depth of coverage of advanced topics of mechanics of materials, including the latest types of materials, mechanical behaviors, mechanisms underpinning their deformation, damage, fracture behaviors, and more.

Key features

  • Covers the properties, performance, and applied characteristics of a vast array of materials
  • Provides experimental analysis, microstructural characterization, theoretical descriptions, and advanced numerical simulations of main classes of materials
  • Outlines theoretical foundations, experimental methods, and numerical techniques for understanding, predicting, and mitigating deformation, damage, and fracture of various materials
  • Unites various subtopics in the mechanics of materials with relevant research methods, allowing readers to navigate essential topics with ease

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