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Comprehensive Chirality


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2nd Edition 2024

Hrsg. v. Janine Cossy


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Elsevier Science

Comprehensive Chirality, 2nd Edition 2024

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Comprehensive Chirality, Second Edition, Nine Volume Set provides a complete overview of the field, including chiral research relevant to synthesis, analytic chemistry, catalysis, and pharmaceuticals. This new edition is focused on reactions and methods, and less so on abstract concepts discussed in the first edition. Some of the original volumes were combined to make room for newer areas, new volumes introduced, and other volumes updated. Whether in an Academic or Corporate setting, these chapters will form an invaluable resource for advanced students/researchers new to an area and those who need further background or answers to a particular problem, particularly in the development of drugs.


  • Volume 1 Chiral Pool and Diastereoselective Synthesis
  • Volume 2 Chiral Auxiliaries
  • Volume 3 Catalytic Methods for C-C Bond Constructions (to include organocatalysis along with organometallic catalysis)
  • Volume 4 Asymmetric Photoredox Catalysis
  • Volume 5 Asymmetric Olefin Functionalization
  • Volume 6 Asymmetric Cycloadditions
  • Volume 7 Asymmetric Oxidations-reduction
  • Volume 8 Enzyme and Biocatalysis
  • Volume 9 Applications in complex molecule synthesis, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemiclas

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