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Encyclopedia of the Human Brain


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2nd Edition 2024

Hrsg. v. Jordan H. Grafman


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Elsevier Science

Encyclopedia of the Human Brain, 2nd Edition 2024

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Encyclopedia of the Human Brain, Second Edition builds on the success of the first edition, providing neuroscience researchers with the ideal "one-stop" resource on all topics related to human brain understanding. Given the length of time since the first edition published, EHB2 is thoroughly revised, with substantial updates on many new and exciting topics, including areas such as human neuroimaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, molecular biology (including genetics and epigenetics), and the clinical diagnoses of brain disorders, along with chapters exploring the introduction of new theoretical and methodological ideas in areas ranging from cognitive neuroscience to evolution of the human brain.

In total, there are 440 articles – a vast increase from 224 previously - thus reflecting the huge explosion in neuroscience research during the last 20 years. EHB2 provides a brand new generation of neuroscientists with the perfect tool with which to learn and master the fundamentals of how and why the human brain operates as it does.

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