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Comprehensive Biomedical Physics


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Hrsg. v. Anders Brahme


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Umfassendes interdisziplinäres Referenzwerk mit über 190 Beiträgen zum aktuellen Forschungsstand im Bereich der medizinischen Physik und der Biophysik und ihrer Anwendungsbereiche. Zu den behandelten Themengebieten zählen u.a. Strahlentherapie, Nuklearmedizin, Röntgendiagnostik, Lasertechnik und Bildgebende Verfahren. Sämtliche Beiträge sind mit Grafiken und Bildern versehen und enthalten ausführliche Literaturhinweise. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2014 erschienene, 10-bändige Printausgabe zugrunde.

Comprehensive Biomedical Physics

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Elsevier Science

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Comprehensive Biomedical Physics is a new 10-volume reference work, which provides the first point of entry to the literature for all scientists interested in bio medical physics; it will be particularly useful for graduate and post-graduate students in the areas of Medical Biophysics. This Work will be indispensable to all serious readers in this interdisciplinary area where physics is applied in medicine and biology. Written by leading scientists who have evaluated and summarized the most important methods, principles, technologies and data within the field, Comprehensive Biomedical Physics will therefore be an invaluable addition to the reference library of those working within the whole area of medical imaging, radiation sources, detectors, biology, safety and therapy, physiology, pharmacology as well as the treatment of different clinical conditions and bioinformatics.

Key Features

  • The most comprehensive work on Medical Physics ever published.
  • Covers one of the fastest growing areas in the physical sciences, covering a range of interdisciplinary areas disciplines from advanced nuclear physics and quantum mechanics through mathematics to molecular biology and medicine.
  • Contains 1800 illustrations, all in full colour


This work is suitable for researchers and students working in all aspect of medical bio physics, including but not limited to: medical imaging and biomedical radiation science and therapy, physiology, pharmacology and treatment of clinical conditions and bioinformatics. Students entering this field come from a variety of backgrounds, and will possess a degree in a physical, mathematics or engineering science, with physics and mathematics being the least widely understood aspect the biomedical field, these students are our primary audience and can be found at the same institutes who are currently reading medical physics related journals. However, the authors contributing to these journals will mainly be post-doctorate and/or residency level; although they may dip into an MRW for refresher information, they are not our primary audience except when bridging to new areas of biomedical physics outside their original area of expertise. The Master's and Doctorate students at the same institutes are generally our PRIMARY audience as they require regularly updated, reflexive and authoritative reference matter to maintain standards of pedagogy and to guide them intuitively through less familiar territory.

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