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Biography and Genealogy Master Index


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Index biographischer Informationen zu rund 5 Millionen historischen und noch lebenden Personen weltweit. Die Datenbank indiziert über 1.700 bibliographische Nachschlagewerke und Dateien, einschließlich aktueller Nachschlagewerke wie Who's Who in America, Who's Who der internationalen Autoren und Schriftsteller und das bibliographische Nachschlagewerk der US-amerikanischen Wissenschaft im 17. bis 19. Jahrhundert sowie das der mittelalterlichen Frauenliteratur. Abgedeckt werden Kunst, Geschäftswelt, Wirtschaft, Erziehung, Recht, Literatur, Medizin, Film und Fernsehen, Musik, Politik, Wissenschaft, Sport, Technik und Theater.
Die rund 15 Millionen Nachweise beinhalten den Namen der Person, Geburts- und gegebenenfalls Sterbedatum sowie Angaben und Daten der biographischen Quellenveröffentlichung zur Person. Updates: halbjährlich. Jährlicher Zuwachs: rund 600.000 Nachweise.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index

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Gale Cengage

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Biography and Genealogy Master Index is a reference standard in libraries. It's a firststop index tool for learning where to look for biographical material on people from all time periods, geographic locations and fields of endeavor.

From authors to scientists, from boxers to fashion designers, from Adam and Eve to Frank Zappa, this comprehensive database contains more than 15 million citations covering nearly five million people and points to more than 1,000 publications where their biographies can be found.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index contains names, birth/ death years, bibliographic

references to books containing material on that person and an indication of which

books or articles include a portrait.


Here are the kinds of questions you can answer using the Biography and Genealogy Master Index database:

  • I need to do a research paper on Harriet Tubman. Where should I start?
  • How can I contact a professor at Stanford who did research on a topic that I'm studying?
  • What year did scientist Carl Sagan die?

Solutions for the business setting include the following:

  • Headhunters needing more information on people they are considering for a job
  • Media organizations, (newspapers, TV networks and magazines) needing background data on a subject, or to verify facts before publication
  • Associations, nonprofit groups or museums needing to find addresses of old members or possible donors


  • A one-stop source - search the entire print series via the Internet
  • Ability to search multiple fields of data simultaneously
  • Custom Display and Custom Print options permit user to only see/print the information that is needed


Biography and Genealogy Master Index indexes any print product that includes biographical information on multiple persons. It also acts as an index to other indexes that point users to biographical data. Each year more than 600,000 new citations are added to the database - existing citations are never removed.


Entries in Biography and Genealogy Master Index include:

  • Name - given name(s), surname, prefix and suffix, as applicable and provided in the source
  • Years of Birth and Death - the years of birth and/or death, as applicable and provided in the source
  • Number of Source Citations
  • Source Citation(s) - the title, subtitle, edition, number of volumes, author or editor name, series name, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, reprint information, distributor, title change and notes on arrangement of entries, source title code and portrait note, as applicable

All source citations in Biography and Genealogy Master Index include full bibliographic details to help users quickly identify the most appropriate publications to consult.


Biography and Genealogy Master Index is updated twice annually.

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