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Taylor & Francis eBooks: Media & Communication


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Taylor & Francis


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Taylor & Francis is one of the leading publishers in the growing and fast-changing field of Media & Communication Studies. The field covers everything from studies of global media industries to popular music, audiences and analysis of film and television programmes, as well as the rise of digital media and the social and cultural implications of the Internet and mobile media.

We have an impressive backlist, including classic texts in Cultural Studies from Stuart Hall, Dick Hebdige and Angela McRobbie, alongside well known textbooks such as "Power without Responsibility" and new books by well-known authors such as James Curran, Toby Miller and Daya Kishan Thussu.

Sub-collections include:

- Advertising Studies

- Art & Visual Culture

- Communication Studies

- Cultural Studies

- Film Studies

- Journalism

- Media Studies

- New Media

- Public Relations in Media

- Rhetoric

- Technical Communication

- Television.

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