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Immanuel Kant: Gesammelte Schriften (Akademie-Ausgabe), I-XXIII


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Immanuel Kant: Gesammelte Schriften (Akademie-Ausgabe), I-XXIII

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Immanuel Kant: Gesammelte Schriften (Akademie-Ausgabe), I-XXIII is comprised of the first 23 volumes of the Akademie-Ausgabe (2nd edition). Kant's texts from these volumes are included complete, as are the various texts Kant used in his lectures (e.g., Baumgarten's Metaphysica). In the Akademie-Ausgabe, the latter texts are broken into segments and are given in footnotes; here they are consolidated. As a result, the page numbers of some of the Nachlass volumes are sometimes out of sequential order: the same page in the Akademie-Ausgabe appears in these cases both in the consolidated text Kant was using for his lectures and in his commentary.

Not included in the collection is the still incomplete fourth section of the edition (volumes XXIV-XXIX), which contains lecture notes preserved by Kant's colleagues and students.

A few additional letters have been included which were discovered after the 2nd edition of the Akademie-Ausgabe was issued. These are indicated in the Briefwechsel volumes with the signum M + page number indicating:

Kant, Immanuel. Briefwechsel. Auswahl und Anmerkungen. Mit Einleitung, Anmerkungen, Personen- und Sachregister versehen, 2 Bde., Hrsg. v. Otto Schöndörffer. Meiner Verlag, Hamburg, 1972.

The first 23 volumes of the Akademie-Ausgabe include three sections: Works (Bde. 1-9), Letters (Bde. 10-13) and Nachlass (Bde. 14-23). The fourth section of the Akademie-Ausgabe (Bde. 24-29) includes Kant's lectures. Over time, InteLex intends to augment its database of the first three sections with volumes from the fourth section. Ultimately, the hope is to have all four sections of the Akademie-Ausgabe, complete (though, of course, section four is not yet complete even in print).

Kant, Immanuel. Gesammelte Schriften. Hrsg. von der Königlich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1902-.

Werke. Electronic edition. Berlin: Karsten Worm, 1998.

This collection contains:

  • The philosophical work published in Kant's lifetime (in both Latin and German), together with primary texts which were published posthumously (AA I-IX)
  • Kant's correspondence over the half century from 1747 to 1804 (AA X-XIII)
  • Kant's Nachlass, the papers and drafts - including the influential Opus Postumum - left at his death in 1804 (AA XIV-XXIII)

Also included are the complete texts of A. G. Baumgarten's Metaphysica and J. P. Eberhard's Compendium, which Kant used for his lectures and which he annotated over many years.

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