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McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology


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Standardreferenzwerk mit über 8.500 namentlich gekennzeichneten Beiträgen von internationalen Fachwissenschaftlern zum aktuellen Stand der Forschung in rund 100 Teilgebieten der Naturwissenschaften und Technik. Über 2.000 Biographien von Wissenschaftlern, rund 17.000 Abbildungen, über 28.000 weiterführende Literaturhinweise sowie redaktionell geprüfte Weblinks ergänzen das Referenzwerk. Ferner enthalten sind über 115.000 Stichwörter aus dem renommierten "McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms" sowie Fachartikel zu neuen Entwicklungen und Trends in Wissenschaft und Technik ("Research Updates") aus den "McGraw-Hill Yearbooks of Science & Technology". Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2012 in 20 Bänden veröffentlichte, 11. Auflage der gleichnamigen Printausgabe zugrunde.


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AccessScience is an authoritative and dynamic online resource that contains incisively written, high-quality reference material that covers all major scientific disciplines. An award-winning gateway to scientific knowledge, it offers links to primary research material, videos and exclusive animations, plus specially designed curriculum maps for teachers. With these and other online features, AccessScience is continually expanding the ways it can demonstrate and explain core, trustworthy scientific information in a way that inspires and guides users to deeper knowledge.

An award-winning editorial team continuing the tradition of McGraw-Hill Education's world-renowned science publishing program

AccessScience's dedicated editorial team is led by Sagan-Award-winner John Rennie and comprises more than 9000 scientists and engineers, including 39 Nobel Prize Winners as well as recipients of other major scientific prizes such as Franklin Institute Awards. With its roots in McGraw-Hill Education''s world-famous scientific publishing program—encompassing the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology and the McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology—AccessScience draws on and continues a deep tradition of presenting rigorously vetted scientific knowledge and expertise in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand.

An Overview of AccessScience

  • MORE THAN 8,500 articles and Research Reviews covering all major scientific disciplines and encompassing the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology and the McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology
  • 115,000-PLUS definitions from the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
  • 3,000 biographies of well-known scientific figures
  • 17,000-PLUS downloadable images and animations illustrating key topics
  • ENGAGING VIDEOS highlighting the life and work of award-winning scientists
  • SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER STUDY and additional readings guide users to deeper understanding and research
  • LINKS TO CITABLE LITERATURE through DOIs help users continue their research using primary sources of information
  • INTERACTIVE CITATION GENERATOR saves time and effort when preparing papers
  • CURRICULUM MAPS tied to core content save time for educators
  • MOBILE ACCESS allows easy, anytime access outside of institutional IP ranges

Consulting Editors

A board of Consulting Editors, comprising internationally recognized leaders in their respective fields, is committed to choosing the highest quality and most rigorously assessed content for inclusion in AccessScience.

Contributing Authors

The long list of highly distinguished contributors to AccessScience reflects the editorial team's firm belief that readers are best served by expositions of topics written by identified, acknowledged experts in these topics, based on the knowledge of the factual, original literature, and vetted by peer review.

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