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World Higher Education Database (WHED)


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Hrsg. v. International Association of Universities (IAU)

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Faktendatenbank mit detaillierten Informationen zu über 14.000 Hochschuleinrichtungen und Universitätsangehörigen sowie zu Ausbildungssystemen und akademischen Qualifikationen in über 180 Ländern weltweit. Die elektronische Ausgabe basiert auf den Printausgaben des "International Handbook of Universities" und der "World List of Universities and other Institutions of Higher Education". Updates: jährlich

World Higher Education Database (WHED)

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Palgrave Macmillan Publishers

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The World Higher Education Database combines the latest editions of the International Handbook of Universities and the World List of Universities, with descriptions of the educational systems and qualifications awarded in more than 180 countries.

The World Higher Education Database, which provides exhaustive coverage of more than 14,000 higher education institutions worldwide, as well as descriptions and definitions of some 2,000 degrees and diplomas, is the most comprehensive reference tool available in the field of higher education worldwide. Completely cross-referenced (from an institution you can directly refer to the system of education of the country), fast and user-friendly, it is the most efficient way to find information about any higher education institution throughout the world.

Listed details for each institution include:

  • Name (local and English) and full postal address
  • Telephone, fax, e-mail, telegraphic numbers and websites
  • All faculties, colleges, schools, institutes, and departments within the institutions with staff and student numbers and fields of study offered
  • Brief historical background
  • Information on academic year, admission requirements and tuition fees
  • Degrees and diplomas offered at each level of study
  • Student services, special facilities (e.g. museums), and publications
  • Size and breakdown of academic staff
  • Student enrolment figures including foreign students
  • Principal academic and administrative officers with their own contact details.

This important reference publication, prepared by the IAU/UNESCO Information Centre on Higher Education is particularly useful to governmental and non-governmental agencies and bodies, both national and international, researchers and specialists in higher education, university managers, professors, international relations officers, education and career counsellors, students and employers.

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