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Sovetskaia Kul'tura Digital Archive (1929 – present)


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East View Information Services

Sovetskaia Kul'tura Digital Archive (1929 - present)

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Kul'tura (Culture), as it is known today, is the most important Soviet and Russian publication on culture from 1929 to the present, with reviews of major events in literature, theater, cinematography and arts. For over 80 years, Kul'tura has provided a unique perspective on ever-changing attitudes toward arts and culture in Soviet and Russian societies.

A time capsule of Soviet and Russian culture

Kul'tura was previously published as Rabochii i iskusstvo (1929-1930), Sovetskoe iskusstvo (1931-1941), Literatura i iskusstvo (1942-1944), Sovetskoe iskusstvo (1944-1952), and Sovetskaia kul'tura (1953-1991). The Sovetskaia kul'tura digital archive contains all obtainable published issues from all of these titles (1929 to 2018, approx. 55,000 pages), with an additional year's worth of content added on an annual basis. The Sovetskaia kul'tura digital archive offers scholars the most comprehensive collection available for this title, and features full page-level digitization, complete original graphics, and searchable text, and is cross-searchable with numerous other East View digital resources.

The Sovetskaia kul'tura digital archive is a part of the East View Global Press Archive®, which is the result of a landmark initiative of Stanford Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives to digitally preserve and make more accessible thousands of original print newspaper publications collected by the Hoover Institution and now housed by Stanford Libraries.

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1929-2018
  • Language: Russian
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • City: Moscow
  • Format: PDF, page-based
  • Producer: East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View Universal Database

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