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Armed Conflict Database (ACD)


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Hrsg. v. International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)


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Nachschlagewerk zu derzeit 70 weltweit stattfindenden bewaffneten Konflikten (zwischenstaatlich, national, mit terroristischem Hintergrund). Die Datenbank enthält vierteljährliche aktuelle Konflikt-Reviews, Militär- und Sicherheits-Reviews, Bewertungen zu verursachten Schäden und Verlusten, Informationen zu Hintergründen des Konflikts, detaillierte Chronologien der Konflikte sowie ergänzende Linksammlungen. Updates: monatlich.

Armed Conflict Database (ACD)

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International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Taylor & Francis

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In order to provide up-to-date and objective information on conflict-related matters around the world, the IISS has developed the Armed Conflict Database (ACD).

Compiled by the IISS Defence Analysis Department, the ACD provides an interactive and user-friendly source of information on 70 armed conflicts. Born out of the IISS Chart of Armed Conflict, the database covers international and internal armed conflicts, as well as terrorism.

It offers year-on-year analysis of conflicts, their political status, number of fatalities, weapons being used, and the costs ($US) accrued. It also covers current events, conflict backgrounds and timelines. Each conflict is analysed in detail under the following headings:

  • Latest Update - analyses the latest developments in the conflict.
  • Annual Update - offers a summary of the main events during the year. A fact box succinctly covers the type of conflict, its parties, current status, the number of its fatalities, its costs and the weapons used. With the fact box comes a brief update of the year's trends and incidents relating to all features of the conflict.
  • Political Status - examines whether combatants are currently in conflict or negotiations. The current status is presented and accompanied by a short analysis of the year's peace manoeuvres.
  • Fatalities - maintains a check on the human cost of the conflict. This feature informs the user of both the total number of fatalities in the conflict, and the number of fatalities in a specific year.
  • Weapons - offers an overview on the general military balance between the combatants as well as annual military developments including arms acquisitions and military information pertaining to the conflict.
  • Costs - offers a researched estimate of the cost of the conflict ($US) taking into account military expenditures, cost of refugees, loss of GDP and reconstruction costs.
  • Historical Background - provides a researched historical background paper to the conflict, placing recent developments into perspective by explaining the underlying causes and tension behind the fighting.
  • Timeline - presents a constantly updated timeline relating to the conflict. When accessed, the user is automatically transferred to the current date, but by scrolling the user can quickly gain an insight into recent and historic incidents and developments.

When searching for specific information the user can either browse through the different year-on-year reports and fact sheets online or generate reports. The Armed Conflict Database has a built-in-function with which the user can generate targeted reports on conflict data back to 1997 and correlate reports from various years, conflicts, regions and topics. Variables can be isolated or combined and the results are easily presented, either on-screen in a table or as a downloadable CSV Excel file.

The database will be updated with current events once a month. The annual analyses will be published each September.

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