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The Law Reports


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The Law Reports is the most authoritative series for published reports of cases which constitute binding precedents in English law. The series has been published since 1865 when The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales was established.

Authority - unquestionably the most authoritative series of law reports in England and Wales and must always be cited in preference.

Greatest coverage - the ICLR has more reporters than any other publisher and offers the most comprehensive coverage of important cases. The database contains the full text of all cases reported in the series from 1865 to present.

Simple cross-referencing - references to other cited cases in the series, as well as to UK and European case law and legislation, have been converted into hypertext links to make cross-referencing simple.

Familiarity - reproduces the familiar appearance and correct pagination of the printed version, and printouts from the database are readily accepted in court.

The Law Reports are written by barristers and solicitors who are present in court for the hearing of the argument and the handing down of judgment. The Law Reports is the only series of reports to include the argument of counsel. Additionally, the reports are submitted to counsel and the judges prior to publication to ensure accuracy and authority.

The database contains all volumes of The Law Reports; Appeal Cases, Queen's Bench, Chancery and Family divisions and is updated monthly on following publication of the printed version.

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