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Newsletters ASAP


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Newsletters ASAP, now available on InfoTrac Web, provides library patrons with the timely information and expert perspectives found in today's most wellread and respected business and industry newsletters. Updated daily, Newsletters ASAP gives users instant access to hundreds gives users instant access to hundreds of business and industry newsletters.

Expert Business and Industry Analysis

With Newsletters ASAP, libraries can now libraries can now ASAP serve the diverse discipline-specific reference needs of its users. Newsletters ASAP contains more than 400 titles, with 100 % containing full text covering a broad range of topics. Users can find expert and timely industry-oriented facts and figures in the areas of marketing, business and finance, international business and industry, and emerging business and technologies.

Newsletters ASAP also provides its users also provides its users with specialized interpretation and analysis of current events. Users are given an added perspective that may not be commonly found among other sources of information. Used in conjunction with our other business databases or as a separate module, Newsletters ASAP is a powerful and informative tool that enhances a library's business content offerings.

Broad coverage

All of the 400 newsletters indexed are available in full text in Newsletters ASAP, ASAP putting users in touch with a broad range of expert analysis that can only be found in business and industry newsletters.

Newsletters ASAP covers more than five covers more than five years of such topics as emerging business and technologies, and provides the "insider" perspective not commonly found in traditional business and industry publications.

Some of the many industries Newsletters ASAP covers include:

  • Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
  • General Business
  • Health and Medicine
  • Computers and Office Automation
  • Food, Beverages and Nutrition
  • Biotechnology
  • Government and Law
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Date range

  • Indexed: Newsletter current year + 4 years
  • Full Text: Current year + 4 years

Sample applications

For the user interested in expert analysis of what is being done to protect individuals' privacy on the Internet, Newsletters ASAP delivers:

  • An assessment of what is currently being done to protect personal information
  • Insider perspectives and opinions of pending legislation on issues of privacy on the Internet
  • A discussion and analysis of special interest groups and grassroots efforts that are taking shape

For the user interested in researching the acceptance and practice of alternative medicine, Newsletters ASAP offers:

  • Statistics of alternative health care nationwide and how insurance companies are now covering certain alternative medical therapies
  • The use of alternative medicine in the treatment of cancer
  • Information and analysis of federal research and funding of alternative medicine

InfoTrac Web delivers it all - Seamless searching and optimal results

Intuitive, flexible and powerful, the InfoTrac interface makes Newsletters ASAP a truly self-service database for your users.

It features:

  • A dual-mode interface, including Advanced Search, that helps users quickly pinpoint exactly what they need to answer their questions, whether they start with a general or precise idea of what to search
  • Customizable search options that you configure and control
  • InfoTrac InfoMark - users can copy and paste persistent URLs enabling them to save, reuse and share search results

Full range of access and delivery options

Subscribe to Newsletters ASAP on on InfoTrac Web and enjoy the benefits of a selfservice general reference solution on your preferred interface, with the right technical configuration for your library.

InfoTrac Web offers a full range of access and delivery options to meet your particular requirements, such as:

  • 24-hour Web and dial-in access, expanding database availability beyond library walls and operating hours
  • Guided search results are displayed by article
  • Precise control over remote Web access through the Remote Patron Authentication Service
  • Z39.50 compliance
  • A choice of InfoTrac Web or your Z39.50 client interface, enabling you to select the best option for your library
  • A centralized remote reference center - with a proven track record - that takes data storage and maintenance duties off your shoulders

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