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Crime Fiction IV: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1749-2000


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A Completely Revised and Updated Edition

Allen J. Hubin


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Umfassende Bibliographie der englischsprachigen Kriminalliteratur mit über 106.000 Titelnachweisen. Erschlossen werden Autoren, Titel, Settings, Serien, Serien-Charaktere, Filmographie, Drehbuchautoren sowie Produzenten/Regisseure. Berichtszeitraum: 1749-2000.

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Locus Press

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This massive bibliography indexes by author, title, series character and setting over 106,000 detective and mystery novels and collections. Listing of alternate titles and publishers brings the total to over 139,000 books. Includes author, title and contents lists of stories in single author collections, chronological list of books and stories, publisher list, and an index of films derived from the books and stories.

This final edition of "Crime Fiction" is the culmination of more than thirty years of bibliographic research into crime (mystery/detective/suspense/spy/thriller) fiction by Allen J. Hubin. - Previous editions of this massive reference work were praised by everyone who reviewed them and were featured on Booklist's list of the Best Books of the 1980s. Now expanded and updated through 2000.


  • Authors arranged alphabetically (with complete cross-reference to pseudonyms and real names).
  • More than 109,000 titles listed.
  • First U.S. publisher/date and or first British publisher/date given (or other country publisher/date when not issued in either U.S. or Britain).
  • Series characters identified with the stories in which they appear (more than 8600 series/author pairs identified).
  • Principal settings given for thousands of titles (480 different settings listed in the much expanded settings index).
  • Individual story titles given for 7300 collections.
  • Film adaptations identified by studio, year, screenwriter and director (more than 4480 films listed).
  • Birth and death dates of authors given, where available, and links to other major reference works provided.
  • Alphabetical title, series character, setting, film, screenwriter and director indexes.

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