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The State Trials (1163-1858)


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Juta Law

The State Trials (1163-1858)

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This electronic publication contains the majority of England's most celebrated trials and comprises official reports and detailed commentaries on some of the most famous (and infamous) events in British history. From Kings and Queens to regicides, heretics and witches to bishops, rebels, pamphleteers, and pirates to servants and slaves, the earliest trial described is that of Thomas Beckett in 1163, and the final trial in the series is dated 1858. This electronic version includes the exhaustive commentaries and footnotes found in the original volumes, together with the texts of the trials. It also contains the trial of William Wallace, which was not included in the printed volumes. Unique to this electronic version, is the inclusion of Corbett's/Howell's State Trials (1809 - 1828) and Macdonnell's New Series (published 1885 - 1898), which together form the most complete collection of these important cases.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to The State Trials
  • Kings and Queens of England
  • Consolidated table of trials and proceedings
  • State Trials 1163-1820: Howell's with additional material
  • General Index to Howell's State Trials
  • State Trials 1820-1858: New Series (MacDonnell's) with appendices
  • General Index to State Trials New Series

Key benefits

  • Instant access to an unparalleled resource spanning nearly 700 years
  • Full commentaries and footnotes
  • More than 58 000 pages and 1 000 trials on a single CD
  • A space-saving acquisition for libraries, whilst preserving the valuable and often fragile printed volumes
  • Fully searchable and linked
  • Text can be copied and pasted to facilitate research and document preparation

Of interest or benefit to:

  • Any scholar studying British and Commonwealth social and legal history
  • Historians
  • Barristers
  • Solicitors
  • Libraries

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