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Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia


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Hrsg. v. Joseph C. Salamone

CD-ROM, Print + CD-ROM, Online

Print: 1996, 12 Bände, 9.600 Seiten, gebunden

Inhalt :: Content

Nachschlagewerk mit über 1.150 namentlich gekennzeichneten Artikeln und weiterführende Literaturnachweisen zu Eigenschaften, Synthesen und Anwendungen polymerer Verbindungen auf der Grundlage der gleichnamigen, 12-bändigen Printausgabe.

Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia

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CRC Press / Chapman & Hall

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978-0-8493-2651-6 (CD-ROM)

978-0-8493-2652-3 (Print + CD-ROM)

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The Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia presents state-of-the-art research and development on the synthesis, properties, and applications of polymeric materials. This groundbreaking work includes the largest number of contributors in the world for a reference publication in polymer science, and examines many fields not covered in any other reference. With multiple articles on many subjects, the encyclopedia offers you a broad-based perspective on a multitude of topics, as well as detailed research information, figures, tables, illustrations, and references.

From novices to experienced researchers in the field, anyone and everyone working in polymer science today needs this complete assessment of the state of the art:

  • 12 Volumes
  • 9,600 Pages
  • 1,816 Authors
  • 1,165 Articles
  • 2,455 Tables
  • 2,008 Structures
  • 5,556 Figures
  • 4,992 Equations and Schemes
  • More than 20,000 Bibliographical References

Features of the CD-ROM Version include

  • All of the same information as the print version
  • Twelve volumes on one CD-ROM
  • Menu-driven, user-friendly WindowsTM interface
  • Easily customized work environment (including display font)
  • Expandable table of contents
  • Convenient browsing capability
  • On-line help
  • Search by:
    • Author name
    • Article title
    • Subject
    • Key word or combinations of words (including proximity searching and searching with Boolean operators)
    • Figure caption
    • References
    • Full text
  • Manipulate figures and text
  • Create bookmarks
  • Print user-selected material, including all text and graphics
  • Save results of searches
  • Updates provided through the Internet

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