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Pharmaceutical Substances


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Syntheses, patents, applications

Hrsg. v. Axel Kleemann, Jürgen Engel und Bernhard Kutscher


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Nachschlagewerk mit Informationen zu rund 2.500 aktiven pharmazeutischen Inhaltsstoffen (APIs), die für die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie von Interesse sind. Die Darstellungen aller Verbindungen beinhalten u.a. die chemische Struktur, die ATC-Codes, toxikologische Daten, Referenzen aus der neueren Literatur und gewerbliche Daten. Die elektronische Version bietet unter anderem die Möglichkeit, nach den in Synthesewegen enthaltenen Strukturen graphisch zu suchen.

Pharmaceutical Substances

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Georg Thieme Verlag

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Pharmaceutical Substances is available in an online version, which is accessible through the Internet as a web-based system and is updated on a regular basis. The online version of Pharmaceutical Substance confers many advantages over its print incarnation, making use of the latest developments in information technology. Thieme Publishers' aim in creating an electronic version of the product is to provide the user with a data source that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, using a standard browser interface. Not only is this product easy to access, it also provides the user with search facilities that allow them to rapidly screen the data for salient entries.

Amongst the many innovations in the newly created electronic product is the ability to search the structures contained in the synthetic schemes graphically. The user can enter data in a familiar format, using ISIS Draw, ChemDraw or a bult-in Java Applet, and bring up all references to that molecule, or fragment, whether it is an intermediate or the final product.

The electronic version of Pharmaceutical Substances is updated on a regular basis. Theses updates add new active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) as they have been approved by the FDA, complete entries of the previous update with information (for example ATC codes) that has not been available by then, and adds new software features.

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