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Science of Synthesis: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations


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Science of Synthesis stellt die vollständig neu konzipierte und überarbeitete Fortführung des traditionsreichen "Houben-Weyl: Methods of molecular transformations" dar. Das Nachschlagewerk, von dem bis 2008 48 Bände erscheinen werden, behandelt auf ca. 48.000 Seiten rund 18.000 Methoden, 180.000 Reaktionen und ca. 800.000 Strukturen. Ausgewertet wird die neuere Literatur aus den internationalen Kernzeitschriften der Organischen Chemie. Integriert ist darüber hinaus der Zugriff auf "Houben-Weyl: Methoden der organischen Chemie" (168 Bände, 4. Auflage 1975-2001). Das bedeutende Referenzwerk der Organischen Chemie beinhaltet Beschreibungen zu rund 146.000 experimentelle Verfahren von etwa 580.000 organisch-chemischen Verbindungen. Dafür ausgewertet wurden rund 700.000 Literaturnachweise aus dem Zeitraum 1835-1995.

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Science of Synthesis: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations

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Science of Synthesis is one of the most in-depth authoritative information sources available on synthetic methodology. To best meet the needs of the scientific community, Science of Synthesis is published not only in print but also in an electronic format. The electronic version, which was developed in co-operation with InfoChem, makes use of the latest developments in information technology and is equipped with a powerful and user-friendly information-retrieval system to allow substructure, exact structure, reaction, combined keyword and full text searches.

The electronic version has been developed under the guidance of an international advisory board, each of whom is a leading expert in electronic information provision. Their knowledge and experience has given us the opportunity to create an interface that is molded to the needs of our users, thus ensuring that Science of Synthesis will be at the heart of the fully integrated laboratory of the future.

Tailored for Synthetic Chemists

Science of Synthesis is designed as a web-based system that is available through either the internet or a customer's intranet, and uses standard browser technology. This provides the user with the opportunity to tailor the interface to their own personal requirements.

As with the printed work the electronic version presents the information in a logical hierarchy that is ordered according to functional group and product classes, allowing the user to browse an area of interest.

Science of Synthesis will contain information on 18 000 generally applicable experimental procedures, which include 180 000 reactions and 800 000 structures. The electronic product for Science of Synthesis provides a direct path through the mass of primary literature to the pertinent data on a comprehensive range of organic reactions.

Integration with Houben-Weyl

Houben-Weyl is a world-renowned reference work, trusted and used by chemists for almost 200 years. Throughout its development this vast reference work has involved prominent chemists from every generation dating back to the early 1800's. Houben-Weyl is available through the Science of Synthesis interface as an electronic backfile. The inclusion of an exclusive structural template facilitates searching and permits straightforward information retrieval.

Houben-Weyl documents are accessible through searches made in Science of Synthesis, or alternatively the backfile can be searched independently from the content of Science of Synthesis. Houben-Weyl includes some 146 000 product specific experimental procedures, 580.000 structures, along with 700 000 references. The content of Science of Synthesis combined with Houben-Weyl as an electronic backfile offers chemists an unprecedented source of accessible and evaluated experimental information.

The inclusion of the data contained in Houben-Weyl Series as an electronic backfile will mean that through the Science of Synthesis product the user will have immediate access to chemistry methodology and data spanning two centuries produced by the finest chemists of each generation.


To address the needs of the user, Science of Synthesis is available on an annual subscription basis and is priced according to the number of potential users that wish to access the database.

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