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MIT CogNet: The Brain Science Connection


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Interdisziplinär angelegtes Online-Portal zur Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaft. Enthalten sind: 6 MIT Press Zeitschriften im Volltext sowie suchbare Abstracts von mehr als 30 Titeln anderer, wissenschaftlich renommierter Verlage (British Psychological Society, Cambridge University Press, Kingston Press, Ltd., Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. and Psychonomics Society u.a.), 10 Nachschlagewerke der MIT Press, unter anderem die "MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences" und die "MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders", über 450 Monographien ab Erscheinungsjahr 1964 im Volltext sowie Abstracts von Konferenzberichten, Kursmaterialien etc.

MIT CogNet

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MIT Press

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An institutional subscription allows users to access the following content:


Full-text browsing and searching of 10 online major reference works:

  • The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences, Edited by Robert A. Wilson and Frank Keil
  • The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, 2nd edition, Edited by Michael A. Arbib
  • The Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Edited by Charles A. Nelson and Monica Luciana
  • The New Cognitive Neurosciences, 3rd edition, Edited by Michael S. Gazzaniga
  • The Visual Neurosciences, Edited by Leo M. Chalupa and John S. Werner
  • The MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders, Edited by Raymond D. Kent
  • The Handbook of Multisensory Processes, Edited by Gemma A. Calvert, Charles Spence and Barry E. Stein
  • The Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of Cognition, 2nd Edition, Edited by Roberto Cabeza and Alan Kingstone
  • Status Epilepticus, Mechanisms and Management, Edited by Claude G. Wasterlain and David M. Treiman
  • The Principles and Practice of Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision, 2nd Edition, Edited by John R. Heckenlively and Geoffrey B. Arden

In addition to the core reference works, the CogNet library contains full text searching and browsing of the MIT Press cognitive science collection, since 1964 -- currently at 450 + titles.


Full text of 6 MIT Press journals:

  • Artificial Life
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Linguistic Inquiry
  • Neural Computation

Abstract searching on journals from other publishers, including:

  • British Psychological Society (Abstracts), British Journal of Psychology, British Journal of Developmental Psychology
  • Kingston Press Ltd (Abstracts), Language and Speech
  • Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. (Abstracts), Ecological Psychology, Developmental Neuropsychology, Infancy, Journal of Cognition and Development , Language Acquisition
  • Psychonomic Society Publications (Abstracts), Animal Learning & Behavior, Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, Memory & Cognition, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Perception & Psychophysics
  • Cambridge University Press (Abstracts) Behavioral & Brain Sciences, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, English Language and Linguistics, Journal of Child Language, Journal of Linguistics, Language in Society, Language Variation and Change, Phonology, Probability in the Engineering and Infomational Sciences, RNA, Visual Neuroscience

Additional Content

In addition to traditional book and journal content, CogNet contains a growing variety of helpful academic information: News, Profiles of Graduate Programs, Graduate Application information and Funding Resources, Conference Schedules, Conference Proceedings, Virtual poster sessions, Calls for Papers, Seminar Series, Job Listings. Information is added by CogNet staff on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and CogNet members are encouraged to contribute as well.

Institutional subscriptions entitle individuals at those site-licensed institutions to register at no additional charge and gain access to all content within MIT CogNet.

Management Tools

The CogNet Site License Administration tool gives access to:

  • Usage stats broken down by month
  • Additional behavioral data for comparative purposes
  • Promotional materials
  • Journal contents listing
  • Book catalog with associated MARC record information
  • A licensed IP checker.

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